10 Reasons Why Nicole Scherzinger is the Best X Factor Judge Ever

In case you didn’t know (have you been living under a rock or just have a social life?), Nicole Scherzinger is the new X Factor judge. The announcement that she would be replacing ‘fan of the abattoir’ Kelly Rowland (the real reason why she constantly said ‘put it down’) was met with some criticism. Well she did replace the Dame Cheryl Cole on The X Factor USA. But she is the best thing ever to happen to the show. Here’s ten reasons why:

1. Her over-dramatic nature is something needed to liven up a Saturday evening. Her performance of Pretty on last years American show pretty much (if you’ll pardon the pun) sums up this point.

2. Both Wet and Poison remain top notch pop songs.

3. She is arguably the most talented person ever to sit behind that desk permanently.

4. Her category on The X Factor USA last year was terrible and she still managed to get one to the final. He came second. That’s some talent she has right there.

5. She’s not afraid to shatter the dreams of small children. The below video is the greatest moment in the show’s history.

6. She technically put One Direction together.

7. Her fashion sense is either very amazing or very awful. Either way, the papers will eat it up. The dress in the above video is particularly bad.

8. She has got great hair.

9. Her performance of Poison from a few years ago (you know the one with the clip on fringe) was very brilliant.

10. “I think you could use some work on your vocals”

There we have it. Wait until December when we’re all head over heels in love with her. If not, let’s just hope she’s not been replaced by Mel B by this time next week.


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