Emma Stone: Making The World’s Population See ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, One Flawless Outfit at a Time.

Emma Stone has been sending shock waves through celebrity land over the last few weeks. Not only does she play the female lead in this years summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man, but she has also been hitting metaphorical home runs with her red carpet outfits. Here are some of her flawless looks:


What better place to start than with her London look. Stone wows the British crowd in a jumpsuit by Elie Saab (from the Fall 2012 collection). What makes this outfit look so perfect on Emma is that although the plunging neckline could be seen as a bit risqué, the use of soft make up and hair makes this outfit look demure and classy. This look is therefore absolute perfection.


Next we have Emma’s dress from the Rome première. This time, she opts for a floor length Bottega Veneta gown (from the Fall 2012 collection). This dress is a little bit safe, and there are definite comparisons that can be drawn to the much better Jean Paul Gaultier dress that Kylie Minogue wore on stage during her X2008 tour. Having said that, the pattern on the dress is very ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and anything that is in anyway similar to that book is brilliant.


In complete contrast to the aforementioned looks, here Emma is wearing a red and white Chanel knee-length dress. Unlike the other two, this dress isn’t great. The shape of the dress and the red section on her waist completely ruin her enviable figure. This dress would have been flawless if it were in the shape of the above dress. The shoes also do not match with the dress nor to they clash enough to be considered a fashion statement. Her hair looks lovely though.


Emma’s next look is a yellow floral print dress by Lanvin. This dress is one of her best looks. The thing about this dress is that this particular pattern could look frumpy and almost like an old lady’s curtains, but Emma’s styling makes this dress look very youthful. The black painted effect also makes this dress look more like a piece of art than an item of clothing. This dress compliments her figure perfectly and is exactly how to do floral prints (how not to do them can be seen in her dress from Madrid that is so bad that it’s best forgotten)


Emma’s look for the Berlin première was a dress by Andrew Gn. This dress was originally shown in black on the catwalk but Emma is looking flawless in a white version. Everything about this look is perfection: the hair, the make up, the dress. A special mention has to be given to the shoes. The heel gives the effect of a very Gaga pair of heels, but without the pain. She looks like an angel rising out of the red carpet. Flawless.

And finally, like Vanessa Williams once sung, the best has been saved for last:


Dressed in Gucci, Emma looked like true Hollywood femme fatale on the Paris blue carpet. The hair is perfect, the dress is perfect, the shoes are perfect and the make up is perfect. This dress pays homage to the past, while still being right on trend. This dress definitely needs to be put in a museum somewhere, so that in a hundred years from now, everyone can bask in the greatness that is Emma Stone.


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