Guess Who’s Back?: Katy B

Katy B’s debut album On a Mission not only electrified clubs across the country, it also earned her a  Mercury Music Prize nomination. After a run of amazing singles (Katy On a Mission, Perfect Stranger, Lights On, Broken Record, Easy Please Me and Witches Brew), as well as the Coca-Cola Olympic single Anywhere In The World , the question on everyone’s lips inevitably is: “How will she top that?”. After her only headline gig of the year at Somerset House last night, it’s clear that she’s going to try her hardest to do so. Here are reviews of each of the new songs she premièred last night:

Crying For No Reason

This song is definitely brings the tempo right down in comparison with her previous work. The track was performed with just a piano which really allowed her vocals to flourish. The track is about keeping your emotions to yourself before letting the pain hit you ‘full force’. The studio version of this track may well be in the same vein as Go Away (which was also performed acoustically), but it definitely breaks new ground for Katy lyrically and may well be a massive single if released.

What You Came For

If Crying For No Reason was at one end of the continuum, What You Came For is at the other end. This song would not have been out of place on her last album, and it sees her return to the dance sound that she is loved for. Although the lyrics are nothing new for Katy (it’s about asking someone why they’re not dancing), the beat on this track is what elevates it to the next  level. She announced prior to singing the track that it was written to an instrumental that is massive in the clubs right now, so if you’re a serial clubber, you may well have heard this. If you haven’t, it’s not a million miles away from Lights On. Given the right release, this could be her biggest hit yet.

Hot Like Fire

This track is another dance track, however it’s not as good as What You Came For. Surprisingly this was performed in the encore, which perhaps suggests that it is being considered for the first single. The track sonically sounds like the second cousin, twice removed of Broken Record , but lyrically it lacks the same depth. The chorus is based around the lyric ‘hot like fire, cold like rain’, which is something which has been done to death. Regardless of this though, this track is definitely going to be one that sounds better in studio form.


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