A Week in the World of ‘The Banger’

So many bloggable songs have premièred recently, so rather than do loads of posts, five of the best have been collated together to form a pop ‘super-group’ as it were (much like ‘Sugababes vs. Girls Aloud’ – but better).

P!nk – Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

So, the first song on the whistle stop tour of pop is the comeback single from P!nk. The first single to be taken from her sixth studio album The Truth About LoveBlow Me (One Last Kiss) is also the first song she has released since giving birth. The track itself is produced by Greg Kurstin, who if you aren’t familiar with him, produced Power and Control & Oh No! for Marina and the Diamonds, Wow by Kylie, The Fear by Lily Allen and (somewhat most promisingly for P!nk fans) What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) and Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson, to name only a few. Given the number of pop masterpieces both P!nk and Kurstin have under their respective belts, Blow Me (One Last Kiss) must be a sure fire smash, surely?

Unfortunately, this song does pale in comparison to her last ‘comeback’ singles Raise Your Glass So What. This song is good and will probably trouble the upper regions of the charts, but it’s definitely not P!nk at her best. The main issue with this song is that’s it’s very P!nk by numbers, and if you can’t take a risk on your sixth album, when can you? Even the break-up message is very similar. However, the vocals on this track are on point and in a live setting, this song would be brilliant. Much like using kitchen roll as toilet paper, Blow Me (One Last Kiss) does it’s job, but it’s no Andrex.

The illegitimate love child of: Raise Your Glass by P!nk and Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club

Product most likely to advertise if covered by Birdy: The National Accident Helpline

Would my Gran like it?: No, she thinks P!nk is a mess

Nelly Furtado – Spirit Indestructible

From one noughties pop princess to another, Nelly Furtado recently premièred Spirit Indestructible, the second single to be lifted from her forthcoming album The Spirit Indestructible. The track is the follow-up to Big Hoops (Bigger the Better), which despite being one of the years better singles, failed to make much of a dent in any chart. Due to this, the album was delayed until September and Spirit Indestructible was made the single to launch the album. Much like Big Hoops (Bigger the Better), this track is also produced by Darkchild (other productions include Telephone by Lady Gaga & Beyonce and the brilliant When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls).

Somewhat unexpectedly given the circumstances, Spirit Indestructible isn’t the sure fire number one that any other artist would have released to ‘save’ the album. The song possesses a similar introduction to Marry The Night by Lady Gaga, but the introduction here is somewhat extended. Once it’s over however, the song explodes with beautiful lyricism, as well as beats that could cause an earthquake. However, just as it gets going, the beat drops for the third and final chorus, only to return alongside the ‘A-E-I-O-U’ refrain. This song therefore leaves the listener craving more, so is therefore brilliant. Arguably the best thing about it though is the fact that she is fusing the best parts of her career together in this one song: the vocals of Whoa Nelly!, the lyricism and creativity of Folklore and the huge beats of Loose. It looks like she might be onto a winner with The Spirit Indestructible.

The illegitimate love child of: Marry The Night by Lady Gaga and Crystalline by Bjork

Product most likely to advertise if covered by Birdy: Children In Need

Would my Gran like it?: No, this would be ‘just noise’ in her eyes

Charli XCX – You’re The One

Next is Charli XCX, who premiered her first ‘proper’ single You’re The One recently. This track is taken from her forthcoming début album (which is currently untitled), due out in October. Born and raised in Hertfordshire, she is somewhat of a local celebrity here, having gone from supporting Daisy Dares You (another local ‘celebrity’) to covering a recent edition of ‘V Magazine’. She also got nominated for MTV’s Brand New For 2012 award, and eventually came seventh (behind Conor Maynard, Lana Del Rey and Delilah – all amazing). This all bodes well but does her music live up to the hype?

It more than lives up to the hype. You’re The One continues along the same path as her previous singles Stay Away and Nuclear Seasons, but adds a commercial element to the mix which suggests that this could be a big hit for her. The track possesses a great intro, as well as her most sing-a-long chorus. This track is definitely more simple than her previous work, but it still has her signature sound, which is something that is often difficult for new artists to find. Having already drawn comparisons to both Robyn and Marina and the Diamonds, Charli XCX looks set to follow in their footsteps in the next year.

The illegitimate love child of: Handle Me by Robyn and Get Some by Lykke Li

Product most likely to advertise if covered by Birdy: Visit Britain

Would my Gran like it?: No, but she’d appreciate that she’s a local girl doing us proud

Aiden Grimshaw – Curtain Cal

Another artist about to release their début is Aiden Grimshaw, who unveiled his second single Curtain Call. The follow-up to Is This Love?, Curtain Call is taken from his album Misty Eye. After finishing ninth on The X Factor in 2010, many expected him to fade back into obscurity. Well that year did produce current pop heavy-weights One Direction, Cher Lloyd and Rebecca Ferguson, so you’d be forgiven for forgetting him. However, he still received a record deal and the rest as they say is history. Fast forward to July 2012 and he is about to release Curtain Call. Is the title as apt as it sounds?

Curtain Call is a massive pop ballad, and is definitely one of the best songs to come from his year on The X Factor. His vocals are perfectly restrained on the verses, before a huge female vocal on the chorus (courtesy of Sherelle) takes this song to another level. The production is equally brilliant and despite not necessarily being awe-inspiring during The X Factor, Aiden Grimshaw looks set to release one of the best X Factor albums ever.

The illegitimate love child of: Mr Know-It-All by Kelly Clarkson and Porcelain by Moby

Product most likely to advertise if covered by Birdy: Alcohol Awareness

Would my Gran like it?: No but my Mum definitely would.

Amelia Lily – You Bring Me Joy

Finally, we have another X Factor star here in the shape of Amelia Lily. You Bring Me Joy is the first single to be lifted from her first album, which is due out in November. Despite initially getting eliminated by Kelly Rowland in the first week of the show, Amelia Lily came back fighting in Week 6 of the show due to Frankie Cocozza’s ejection. She eventually came third in the show and had found her niche as a pop-rock star in the vein of P!nk/Kelly Clarkson. It came as a pleasant shock to the world then when it was revealed that she had signed a record deal with Xenomania, who are famed for the work with Girls Aloud.

You Bring Me Joy is however, the second best X Factor single ever, only beaten by the almighty Once by Diana Vickers (who too incidentally has gone ‘pop’). Saying very much in the same vein as their best work, this single is reminiscent of late Girls Aloud hits such as Call The Shots and The Loving Kind. This track is simple but very effective. The verses are based around the line ‘I’ve been thinking ’bout’ and is a sweet song about being in love. In many ways, the best thing about this song is that it defers from the ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ norm which is commonplace in the charts. Even if this doesn’t spend the rest of the year at number one, this will give her the platform to become the British Queen of Pop.

The illegitimate love child of: Call The Shots by Girls Aloud and All The Lovers by Kylie

Product most likely to advertise if covered by Birdy: House of Fraser (at Christmas)

Would my Gran like it?: Well, she liked Me and My Imagination by Sophie Ellis-Bextor


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