Sister’s Are Doing It For Themselves: The Power of the Girlband

It’s not the easiest of jobs being in a girlband. From the ‘they’re not smiling, they must hate each other’ press glare to the fine line between being too innocent and being too ‘I want your boyfriend’, the perfect girlband formula is something that is rarely produced.  However, right now is a very good time for them as well as girlband fans. Here’s why:

From Above are doing ‘something’ on The X Factor

After the arguable blandness of last years series of The X Factor, Simon Cowell has changed the rules to allow acts that have management deals to apply for the show this year. It’s been a controversial rule change as many unmanaged acts feel that it is unfair for them to compete with polished performers. Most of the controversy has surrounded the girlband From Above, who are managed by Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles. The band are made up of (from left to right) Chelsey (who was a contestant on BBC1’s DanceX), Ashley (who was also a contestant on DanceX), Seyi, Daisy (formerly of S Club Juniors) and Monique. The band released their debut album Breaking From Above, but sadly didn’t ‘break from above’. During the release, the band had their own reality show, which appears to be the main source of controversy.

It appears from the paparazzi pictures taken at this weeks boot-camp that they made it there and there have been whisperings that they were great at boot-camp. Will From Above follow in Little Mix’s footsteps though? Well, from their music video/album, it is clear that they fall into the ‘out in Week 1’ girlband category. However, it appears that they have had somewhat of an image overhaul and if Nicole Scherzinger gets the groups (it’s very probable), who knows how far these girls will go. Only time will tell.

Spice Up Your Life: The Spice Girls might be back

It’s been four years since Scary (Mel B), Posh (Victoria), Ginger (Geri), Sporty (Mel C) and Baby (Emma) last performed as a group. Since then, each of them have pursued their own careers, as well as having families. However, something which they have all dipped their toes into is judging on Talent Shows. Geri returned to behind the desk on The X Factor, after Popstars: The Rivals in 2002 (albeit to bad reviews), Mel B went down under to The X Factor Australia  (also the bad reviews), Emma joined the Dancing On Ice panel, Victoria guest judged on American Idol and currently Mel C is wowing audiences on Superstar. What the world really wants though is for them to reunite. Fortunately for the world, they look set to do so.

Following on from the launch of their musical Viva Forever! at the end of June, it is now widely expected that the band will reunite once more during the closing ceremony for this years Olympics. In fact, sources suggest that it is 95% certain that they will join the likes of Take That, The Who and One Direction in the ‘British Music’ themed ceremony. There are rumours that the band will perform 2 tracks, one being Wannabe. Although this is very exciting, if the organisers are reading this, and hour would be more preferable.

Introducing: Fanfair

(From left to right) Jessica, Aimee (formerly of Clea), Roberta (who you may know from the first series of The X Factor) and Anara are the new girlband Fanfair, who look set for success in 2013. Since giving their first performance at Cazfest (a music festival in Bishops Stortford, set up to raise money to get heart screenings into every school in the local area)  last year, the girls have since gone on tour with The Wanted and Alexandra Burke. Earlier this month, the band returned to Cazfest to perform some of their material. Their set was brilliant and further suggests that Fanfair may be the band to watch out for.

The thing about Fanfair is that their brand of pop is slightly more sophisticated than other girlbands in the charts currently. Admittedly they are not going to appeal to a young audience as much as Little Mix, but they very much fill the gap for an adult ‘woman-band’. Although yet to release any official singles, from demos such as The Vaccine and Take Me Away, it seems that the girls are going in a mature pop direction, which is something which is arguably missing in the charts. These girls are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Don’t Run For Cover: The band formerly known as the Sugababes are back.

They’re back. Well, as Mutya Keisha Siobhan but still. After months of speculation, it was finally confirmed today that Sugababes 1.0 are back. These are the women that gave us the modern pop gems Overload and Run For Cover, as well as amazing solo material such as Real Girl & Song 4 Mutya (Mutya) and Don’t Give It Up Medevac (Siobhan). The girls have worked with MNEK (who co-produced The Saturdays’ All Fired Up and Misha B’s Home Run), as well as Naughty Boy, who produced one of the best albums of the year in Our Version Of Events by Emeli Sande (who is also writing with Mutya Keisha Siobhan). It’s all looking very good, isn’t it?

Even the name is amazing. There has been some ‘it’s a bit boring’ comments, but it could be argued that this name represents them as being individuals, and further separates them from the current Sugababes brand. Regardless of the name, if they make anything as good as their previous work, the listening public are in for a treat. Seeing as PopJustice made them sign an ‘amazingness’ contract, this is an impossibility.

If this isn’t enough for you, StooShe are still riding high in the charts with Black Heart, Parade are back and Amelia Lily confirmed this week that she has heard the new Girls Aloud material. Who needs boys anyway?


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