‘Kiss The Stars’ Anyone?: Five Videos That Deserve a VMA Nomination (or Ten)

It’s that time of year again when fans of the music video wait with bated breath to find out which videos have received VMA nominations. This years nominations were announced earlier this morning, and it’s fair to say that there are some good decisions as well as some shocks. On the good side, after many years of not receiving any nominations, Rihanna got the most nominations this year, and We Found Love (the best video of the last 12 months) is up for best video. Although she is arguably a shoe-in for that prize, another fantastic video in Bad Girls by M.I.A. also received a nod in that category. However, a massive shock was that the truly awful video for Starships by Nicki Minaj received one nomination (in the Best Female Video category). There are also some clear omissions. Here are five of the best that didn’t get a nomination (Kiss The Stars may or may not be included).

Florence + The Machine – No Light, No Light

Arguably the biggest omission in this years nominations is Florence + The Machine. Having won an award back in 2010 (Best Art Direction for Dog Days Are Over), it seemed almost certain that a nomination would be on the cards after her run of music videos in the last year. Although Shake It Out, Never Let Me Go and Spectrum would all be worthy nominees, No Light, No Light represents Florence + The Machine at their best. Set in 1920’s, this video shoes Florence falling through the sky into a church, only to be caught by a choir of schoolboys. This is inter-cut with shots of her being taunted by the devil, as well as other religious iconography. A smart, stylistic video that should have given them a second Best Art Direction nomination, if not more in other categories.

Britney Spears – Criminal

Another glaring omission in this year’s nominations is the arguable ‘Queen of the VMAs’ Britney Spears. Having received nominations last year for the good but a little boring Till The World Ends, it seemed almost certain that her video for Criminal would get a nomination. Directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, Criminal was somewhat bizarrely shot in Dalston and Stoke Newington, and is based around Spears running away with a criminal (played by her partner Jason Trawick). Featuring some ‘sassy’ acting in the start of the video, as well as a pretty racy sex scene, this video sees Britney return to her best. As well as that, it appears that her ‘dead behind the eyes’ persona has now disappeared. In fact, this is probably her best video since Piece of Me at least, if not Everytime, and therefore deserved a nomination (probably in the Best Female Category).

Cher Lloyd – Want U Back

Although she doesn’t always get the best press here in the UK, Cher Lloyd is tearing up the charts in the USA. In order to do this however, she re-shot her video for Want U Back. Gone is the original ‘quite good’ version and in it’s place is the far superior American version. Shot in the same diner as Cee-Lo’s Forget You, this video sees Cher terrorising the diner, before crowd surfing over the other customers before finally getting arrested. whilst doing all of this, she still manages to look cute and give the attitude that she is known for. This video would have fit perfectly into the Best New Artist category, but may still get nominated next year due to the recent increase in it’s popularity.

Kylie Minogue – Timebomb

Although Kylie has not had the most success in the USA, the VMAs are a music video awards ceremony and this is a brilliant music video. Released as a surprise for fans in May, Timebomb was shot by Christian Larson, who helped to edit the Telephone (by Lady Gaga/Beyonce) video. In this video, Kylie is seen walking through the streets of Soho, London, as well as generally having fun. In fact, this is probably her most fun video for a long time. Kylie also looks fantastic in a tiny pair of denim shorts, before changing into a string dress (that was bought in an ‘adult’ shop). This video should have got a nomination in the Best Editing category at least, but it probably isn’t much of a shock considering she hasn’t received a nomination since 2002.

Delilah – Inside My Love

There is usually at least one ‘inspired’ nomination on the list, something which hasn’t been massive but is utterly beautiful. This year, this video by Delilah should have been one of these nominations. The best video thus far of 2012, Inside My Love sees Delilah and her on-screen lover getting ‘intimate’ through the medium of contemporary dance. Although an incredibly simple video (anything more would have spoilt the beauty of the song), the video could be described as ‘perfect’. This video appears to have gone ‘under the radar’ with the judging panel, and although it may not have won anything with it being a public vote, this video should have got the exposure it deserved. It would have been good to see Middle America’s reaction to it too.


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