Love Them: Stooshe

Stooshe (from left to right: Alexandra, Courtney, Karis) are doing pretty well for themselves at the moment. The band are still riding high with the Top 5 smash Black Heart, a track that appeals to ‘Radio 1’ teenagers and ‘Heart FM’ mothers alike. The soulful, motown inspired track is a slight departure from their previous single Love Me, which is about telling your man to love you (through various innuendos nonetheless). Anyway, in order to ‘ride the hype’ so to speak, the girls have released five new tracks onto the internet through the medium of a survey. Here’s a little review of each track:

Perfectly Wrong

Carrying on right where Black Heart left off, Perfectly Wrong is another motown inspired track, but this time it has a more modern edge. A far more polished song than their previous efforts, this track is a great late summer, post-festival song about someone being perfectly wrong. However, the main problem with this is that fact itself. It’s a very nice, summery mid-tempo, but it does nothing more than that. The other main issue is that it doesn’t necessarily sound very ‘Stooshe’ in terms of the band that first got the bloggers going a year ago. Nonetheless, this track is very pleasant and will make a very good album track.


Waterfalls is a song that arguably shouldn’t be covered. The original version by TLC is one of the best songs of the 90’s. However, the production on the Stooshe version is very uplifting. What appears to be an acoustic version at the start explodes into a fun, summery track that fits the lyrics of the song. Vocally the girls are immaculate here. The harmonies are incredible, and are reminiscent of En Vogue. However, the TLC version is so good that perhaps the band should have covered a different track.

Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Ok, so as good as the last two tracks were, this must be the next single from Stooshe. Another retro track, Your Own Kind of Beautiful is like a female What Makes You Beautiful. Written about how the media has a definition of ‘beauty’ and that everyone has unique beauty, this track fits in with the current self empowerment anthem craze, but it sounds as though Stooshe are your best friends giving you advice rather than a popstar. A brilliant song, and if it were to be a single, this  track could be a number 1 hit for the girls.

See Me Like This

Another throwback track, See Me Like This is another solid track from the girls. Unlike the other tracks, this is completely motown without any other influences, and in this way, it could have been released 40 years ago. However, this is far from a pastiche, more a homage to the past. Having said this, the track doesn’t really have a catchy hook which would make it a big single. The other problem with the track is that it sounds very similar to Ben E. Kings Stand By Me, which does kind of make it dated. Having said all this though, it would make a good track 9 on the album.

Turning Me On

This is another motown inspired track, but this time it has a ‘London’ twist on that sound. It sounds like something from the first Lily Allen album, which is no bad thing. A nice, summery track, that would have made a good single before Black Heart as it has a bit of the Love Me sound to it too. Sonically, it sounds similar to LDN by Lily Allen and Greatness by Tanya Lacey, which is no bad thing. This could be a late summer smash, despite not being the best out of the five tracks.



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