Three and a Half Minute Love Affair: Leona Lewis – Trouble

Leona Lewis hasn’t had the best few years, has she? One break-up and a punch in the face later, Leona released her then ‘massive comeback single’ Collide last summer. Despite being a brilliant, euphoric track, it failed to connect with the public and stalled in the charts. Due to this, the follow-up Trouble has delayed and the album was pushed back a year. Fast-forward to today and the said album, Glassheart, is on the way (although in a different form, produced by Fraser T. Smith) and Trouble has just premièred. Despite a collection of new tracks (including the fantastic Come Alive), Trouble remains the lead single from the album. Clearly her label have faith in it (it’s said to be their next ‘worldwide priority’), but is it actually any good?

It’s a very good song in fact. Based around a troubled relationship, Trouble is the most ‘real’ track Leona has in her back catalogue. The track also includes a rap from Childish Gambino, which is a pleasant choice as her management could have easily put Pitbull on there. Although this is a very good song, there’s something missing. The main problem is that Leona doesn’t have the rasp in her voice that would suit this song. Written by Emeli Sande, this is without doubt better suited to her, and perhaps it should have been saved for her’s or (the producer) Naughty Boy’s albums. The other thing about it is that it’s just very safe (which may not be a bad thing). It would’ve been a more interesting move forward from Collide to create a sparse dance album (like Delilah’s From The Roots Up or a more melodic, female version of James Blake’s album), rather than to go back to her previous sound. It’s still a good song though that does sound like a grower rather than a shower.

The illegitimate love child of: Daddy by Emeli Sande and Teardrop by Massive Attack

Product most likely to advertise if covered by Birdy: Coronation Street

Would my Gran like it?: The jury’s out on this one.


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