What I Call a Banger: Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing (feat Florence Welch)

After his remix of their single Spectrum went to Number 1, Calvin Harris is looking to repeat this success with Florence + The Machine with the sixty-fourth single (give or take a few) from his album 18 Months. Sweet Nothing is the track, which follows up: Bounce with Kelis (amazing), Feel So Close (amazing), We Found Love with Rihanna (earth-shatteringly amazing), Let’s Go with Ne-Yo (amazing, even if ‘Let’s Go with Ne-Yo’ does sound like an afternoon dieting show) & We’ll Be Coming Back with Example (not amazing). As you can see, almost everything he touches turns to gold. So is Sweet Nothing more Spectrum, or is it ‘someone give Flo back her plectrum’.

It’s without doubt the former, as FloCal (sounds like a constipation remedy but let’s go with it) have done it again. Sweet Nothing is a huge track and this could be the biggest hit yet from the Scottish producer. Despite the fact that it isn’t re-inventing the wheel production-wise, Florence’s distinct vocal stylings separate this track from every other track on his album. Having said that, her vocals are unusually restraint on this track, which only adds to the majestic beauty of this track. Production wise, the obligatory Harris post-chorus drop is up there with We Found Love on the euphoric Harris post chorus drop scale. This is probably going to be his next number one smash, and it wets the world’s appetites for his album, which includes a collaboration with an equally quirky diva, Ellie Goulding. Unfortunately, this has disappeared from YouTube, so if you want to imagine how it sounds, it’s the song Rebecca Ferguson should have released post Show Me Love.

The illegitimate love-child of:  Every Calvin Harris song of the past eighteen months, if you’ll pardon the pun, which isn’t a bad thing.

Product most likely to advertise if covered by Birdy: This should never happen.

Would my Gran like it?: No, but my Mum is a massive Florence fan so she would.



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