13 For 2013: Arlissa & Florrie

From left to right: Arlissa, Florrie.

With it being the end of the year, I thought it would be a good idea to put my tastemaker hat (a leopard print hat) and show you who I will be listening to in 2013. I’ve chosen thirteen artists because there aren’t many more new artists on my radar at the moment and I love a gimmick. So, over the next six days, I’ll write about two or three and you will love them and show me love like you are Robin S over on Twitter in the comments below. Anyway there are no themes for each day, but I suppose today is the poppiest out of all of them. The artists are in no order too, so don’t worry Arlissa & Florrie fans.


My first tip for 2013 is Arlissa, and for those of you who love a comparison, she is the illegitimate love child of Shakira and Kate Bush. Having said that, Arlissa is something unique in today’s market and not something we’ve heard before. First single Hard To Love Somebody, a duet with Nas, is sublime, and was a hit with the critics when released recently. Since then, she was nominated for the BBC Sound of 2013 list, and has picked up numerous plays on BBC 1xtra. From live videos, new single Sticks & Stones sounds like a euphoric-tribal-pop-banger if ever I did hear one (there’s a quote for the album cover), which shows her potential crossover appeal. That’s the thing about Arlissa, her music sounds like it would work as much on Radio 1 as it would on Radio 2, and as much as it does on Radio 1xtra. Other tracks performed live include Braveheart, which follows in the same vein as Sticks & Stones, and is just as great. I’d suggest you keep and eye and an ear on Arlissa next year because whatever happens with the BBC list, I predict big things for the lady with the big voice.

For Fans Of: Shakira, Kate Bush, Florence + The Machine, Clare Maguire.


Now for someone who you probably have heard of, or at least seen: Florrie. The ‘girl from the Nina Ricci advert’ is set to release her first album in 2013, following three independent EP’s (IntroductionExperimentsLate), as well as playing the drums on The Promise and Something New (which she also co-wrote, along with the shamazing One Touch by Mini Viva – RIP). Her solo musical highlights include I Took A Little Something, which is one of 2011’s best songs, as well as the hyper Speed of Light, both of which are taken from her EP Experiments. There’s a lot more to come though. Having signed to a major label, Florrie teased earlier this year that she has her best material on the way. One track to look forward to is Call 911, which has been released for over a year in remixed form. From hearing this live about eighteen months ago, from what I heard it was very very good. Having tweeted a ‘big year ahead’ last night, it would seem she is ready to go in 2013. Regardless of chart success, her album looks set to be one of the year’s highlights.

For Fans Of: Girls Aloud, Amelia Lily, good music.


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