13 For 2013: A*M*E & Faye

AME & Faye

Following on from last weeks post, here are the next two of my tips for 2013. Apologies for the delay, but my internet had been cut off and I’ve only been back online a day. Don’t worry though, the other nine of my tips will be posted without as much of a delay (he says).


First is A*M*E, a teenage future pop heavyweight (musically obviously, she’s tiny), originally from Sierra Leone. Originally signed to Gary ‘Borelow’ Barlow’s record label, she is know signed to Universal Music, which can only mean big things for her this year. She has already written a number one hit in Korea, and it’s this K-Pop influence that should give her the edge this year. Her first proper single, Play The Game Boy, is the perfect example of this influence, but it’s still sounds like something that would be huge here. Although there is no set date yet for her album, she has two new singles in the pipeline: her own Heartless and as the vocalist on the new Duke Dumont track Need U (100%). The former is a pop anthem not a million miles away from Starships by Nicki Minaj (complete with Usain Bolt references). However, it’s Need U (100%) that is really exciting. A properly brilliant 90’s-esque chilled-out banger, the hype around it suggests this will be a big hit. She has everything going for her, from her determination to her music, so fingers crossed she’ll smash in 2013.

For Fans Of: Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, Jessie J


Formerly of the Swedish band Play (they toured with Beyonce), Faye is the best Swedish export since Loreen (ok so that was only last year but still), and is set to release her debut album this year. Not that it has much relevance but Play covered Billie Piper’s Honey To The Bee and Liberty X’s Just A Little on one of their albums, which are quite the songs to cover. Fast-forward to 2012 and she released her first solo single Water Against The Rocks, which is sad disco done as well as the best. The obvious comparison to her music (not her looks although she does look like the illegitimate love-child of Lily Cole and Nicola Roberts ie very pretty) is sad disco queen Robyn, although that is a compliment of the highest order. The video to Water Against The Rocks also shows that she has the ‘popstar aura’ (the x factor, if you will), as it is just her, in the back of a taxi, being quite amazing. Although Swedish acts don’t always cross over to the mainstream, Faye definitely has the music to do so. If not, at least there’ll be a properly brilliant album on the way.

For Fans Of: Robyn, Lykke Li, Kylie


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