All We Want is Something New: Who The UK Should Send to Eurovision 2013

It’s almost that time of year again, when all of Europe come out in force to watch the Eurovision Song Contest. The vast majority of the entries have been decided, and early favourites include Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest, with Only Teardrops (imagine Arlissa’s Sticks and Stones with a recorder), Norway’s Margaret Berger with I Feed You My Love (very Hurts meets Bjork) and Germany’s Cascada with Glorious (just very Cascada – which is always a good thing). However, The Eurovision Times (with the help of science) have predicted that the United Kingdom will win this year. However, there isn’t an entrant currently. Rumours are rife that it will be ’80s star Bonnie Tyler, who although is far more modern than The Hump, hasn’t had a hit since 1984’s Holding Out For a Hero. Here are a few songs that, in a perfect world, the BBC should have got.

Hurts – Miracle

Admittedly this has been ‘out there’ for a couple of months, but this would have been a perfect entry for the UK. Hurts are massive in Europe, with Wonderful Life and Stay being large hits across the continent. Although Miracle is somewhat a musical departure for the band, they still have an adoring fan-base that would vote. The track itself is a decent rock song, which have been known to do well in the past (see Turkey 2009). Despite the fact entering Eurovision is unlikely given their new ‘drugs, sex and rock & roll’ image, they have offered to do it in the past and this would definitely be the best British entry since quite some time ago.

A*M*E – Heartless

One of my tips for 2013, A*M*E is still a relative unknown in the UK , but Heartless would smash if taken to Eurovision. It sounds like every big worldwide hit of the last year, so would be a ‘safe-bet’ for the BBC. Admittedly, A*M*E looks set to have a huge number one with her collaboration with Duke Dumont (Need U) so Eurovision isn’t realistically a viable option for a newly successful artist, but in an ideal world this would be an almost perfect entry for the United Kingdom.

Petula Clark – Cut Copy Me

Although The BBC did send an older entrant last year and it didn’t work, Cut Copy Me is a million percent better than last years track. Sung by Petula Clark, this is arguably the coolest song ever to be released by an eighty year old. Comparisons have been drawn to Lana Del Rey and Ellie Goulding, and the track itself has received rave reviews. Similarly, this is the opposite of Euphoria by Loreen, and as no two winners in the last few contests have sounded similar, a track in this vein could go down particularly well.

Diana Vickers – Love Sounds Better In French

This song sounds amazing. Much like Call Me Maybe, it is a little gimmicky, but it’s still cool and most importantly brilliant. Seeing as she has been working on her album for a good while, this song may never see the light of day in studio form, so The Vickers should just do the decent thing and take it to Sweden in May. Quirky females seem to do well on the whole in the contest, so if I was the head of the BBC, this would be what I would want.

But I’m not. So expect Bonnie Tyler. Or Mika.


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