A Whole Lotta History: Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud

So the inevitable happened late last night. Following on from the last date of their reunion tour, Girls Aloud announced that they were no more after ten years. But what an amazing ten years it’s been.

My earliest memory of Girls Aloud was watching Nicola being bought back into Popstars: The Rivals. My memories of early Girls Aloud are mainly based around Nicola, whether it be her performances on the show or my jubilation at her getting in the band. I definitely did gravitate to her, mainly because the unjust media attention surrounding her appearance was in some way similar to the was I was treated back in primary school for the way I looked. So, on the off chance you are reading this Nicola, thank you. She is still to this day my favourite ‘Aloud’, although Nadine is a very close second (see the Wake Me Up reunion tour video).

Moving forward a few years and their early material is still some of their best. The obvious songs like Sound of the Underground and Love Machine were obvious highlights, but I still have a soft spot for Jump and The Show. The former because I remember being obsessed with the video, and the latter because I can remember re-writing it with my sister during a long car journey in America (our version was not exactly good).

Then came Chemistry, which was their best album at the time (it’s still definitely in the Top 2), and with it came Biology. What a totally bonkers yet completely brilliant pop song. Bizarrely however, my real love for them developed following See The Day. I don’t have a clue why, but for the purpose of this I will say that the dresses on the cover were really pretty.

Fast forward a few years, one greatest hits album later and the girls had just released Sexy No No No. Another favourite of mine, I remember sitting around the TV waiting impatiently for the video to première  It’s still one of their best videos. Having said that, what came next was something else.

This is not only my favourite song of theirs, I think it may also be my favourite of all time. You know when everything about a song, whether it be the production, lyrics, cover or video, all come together and it’s magic? This was and still is magic. Three minutes and forty three seconds of musical perfection.

As I’m sure you are all aware, their final ( 😦 ) studio album Out Of Control was released next, which is my favourite album of theirs. It fused together their totally bonkers early music with Tangled Up, and is a perfect pop album. And although we didn’t realise at the time, this was their peak. It also produced Untouchable, which I predict in years to come, will be ‘the fan’s song’.

Anyway, back to 2013 and Girls Aloud have reunited (along with the incredible Something New – I’m very surprised my neighbours didn’t complain as I’m fairly certain I played it non-stop for a month). I had the immense pleasure of seeing them just under three weeks ago, and it was undoubtedly one of the best concerts I’ve been to. It was my first and only time seeing them, and looking back on it now, I wish I wasn’t trying to play it cool during I’ll Stand By You and just had a little cry. I’ve made up for it now anyway.

So now it’s the 21st March 2013 and they’ve split up. I’m fairly sure we’ve all had a good cry about it by now, and the press are already concocting the next rumour or hundred. But I know that whatever comes out isn’t going to stop the music being phenomenal. I’m still going to wear my ‘Fan of Girls Aloud and Proud’ t-shirt because I am still a very proud fan. And I know aged 80 I’m going to be sitting in my rocking chair singing Call The Shots (although my memory will have probably merged it, I Wish by Mini Viva and Missing You by The Saturdays together).

So yeah, if any members of the band are reading this, thank you very much for everything. You’ve been something kinda ooooutstanding.


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