Don’t Care or Love It? MØ – Waste Of Time

MØ (Copyright Sony Music Denmark)

Scandinavia have a pretty good track record when it comes to quirky female popstars don’t they? Obviously the almighty Robyn is one of Scandinavia’s finest exports, but Lykke Li, Loreen and Margaret Berger are all up there. But there is always room for more quirky females. Enter MØ, a twenty-something ‘singer of songs’ from Denmark. It’s probably a good time to say that her name isn’t said the same way as Mo (ie the same as Mo Farah or Little Mo). It’s actually said the same way as ‘move’ (without the ‘ve’ obviously – it might just be a good idea to watch this). This isn’t her name however (that’s Karen Marie Ørsted), and MØ in fact means ‘maiden’ or ‘virgin’ in Danish.

Anyway, Waste of Time is the follow-up to Pilgrim, which charted at number eleven in Denmark. This track picks up where Pilgrim left off; a very nice slice of indie-pop. The production of the song is as clean as Adele’s awards cabinet, and sounds cohesive listening to her other music. The tribal chants throughout the song are a good touch, making the song ethereal and very 2013. MØ’s vocals are the real star of the show though, like a blend of Lykke Li with the soul of Jessie Ware.

The song is definitely a grower however. Upon first listen, the song appears pleasant but very ‘hipster’. But after a few listens the track definitely gets better, and unlike other popstars of the Tumblr generation, there is something slightly more accessible about it. This is also helped by a great video (who doesn’t love a good video?), which contains some nice shots of a tree and a snake (and the lady herself obviously). Fans of hairography will also appreciate the amounts of hair flicks in the video. Britney ‘Queen of the Hair Flick’ Spears would be impressed.

Don’t Care or Love It?: Love it, but it’s not love at first sight.

What About Us?: Lykke Li, MS MR, Grimes

Come and Get It (a Rachel Stevens reference obviously):


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