Don’t Care or Love It?: Samantha Jade – Firestarter

Samantha Jade (Copyright Sony Music Australia)

It’s a sorry state of affairs on British singing contests at the moment. Shows like The X Factor and The Voice are so desperate to create ‘credible recording artistes’ that anyone not auditioning with an acoustic guitar making The Ketchup Song ‘your own’ is labelled a novelty act. However, this is not the case in Australia. Samantha Jade wowed the public with her high energy performances and strong vocals (particularly in this performance of Usher’s Scream). Despite being in the bottom two three times, she went on to win the show, and did so in style with What You’ve Done To Me. The best winner’s single anywhere since Sound of the Underground? Most likely.

Naturally, expectations were high after What You’ve Done To Me. However, Firestarter meets the expectation. The track is produced by DNA Songs, who are the same people that produced her first single. The production in the verses has the ‘crunchiness’ (a song can be ‘crunchy’ if you use your imagination) of Love You Like a Love Song and mixes it with euphoria similar to that of Euphoria (if you’ll pardon the pun) and Only Girl (In The World). Having said that, the song is not faceless. In particular the song’s middle-8, which is piano driven, showcases the vocals that won her the show. However, the middle-8 is arguably too slow given the sheer force of the rest of the song.

Having said that, he main selling point of the song though is the chorus. It’s undeniable; the kind of chorus that you are singing along to after a couple of listens. The track has already been used to promote the new series of The X Factor Australia, thus setting the track up to be big in her home country. However, given the right promotion, this could be a worldwide smash. She was dubbed ‘the new Kylie’ during the show and given the standard she’s starting at, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t achieve that success.

Don’t Care or Love It?: This is huge so definitely love it.

What About Us?: Kylie, Selena Gomez, Nicole Scherzinger

Come and Get ItThe song is out on Sunday in the UK.


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