Oh We’re Halfway There: The Best of The Year

Today is July 3rd. Today is Shane Lynch’s (off Boyzone), Tom Cruise’s (off films) and Tracey Emin’s (off art) birthdays. Equally, it’s the one hundred and eighty fourth day of the year, meaning that it’s over halfway through 2013. Therefore, it seems timely to do a run-down of my favourite musical moments of the year. So here are my twenty-five favourite songs of the year that I’ve been getting ‘super turnt up’ to. PS, there isn’t an album list though (blame every human and their cat delaying release dates), but if I had to choose it’d probably be a tie between Yeezus (Kanye West) and London With The Lights On (Stooshe).

25. Disclosure – White Noise

24. Lawson – Brokenhearted

23. MS MR – Fantasy

22. Haim — Falling 

21. Nicole Scherzinger – Boomerang

20. P!nk – Just Give Me A Reason

19. Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love

18. Kelly Clarkson – People Like Us

17. Kelly Rowland – Kisses Down Low

16. Jessie Ware – Imagine It Was Us

15. Eliza Doolittle – Big When I Was Little

14. Iggy Azalea – Bounce

13. The Saturdays – Gentleman

12. Rihanna (feat Mikky Ekko) – Stay

11. Jennifer Lopez – Live It Up

10. AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It

My tenth favourite track of the year is You Know You Like It by AlunaGeorge. Although the song was first released last year, it will be re-released as their album’s trailer single later this month. The song is a cool concoction of dance, electronic and R&B, but with a pop sensibility (there’s one for the album sticker). This sound is something they’ve perfected,  and (*spoiler alert*) this will be further shown later.

9. Iggy Azalea – Work

Those who have studied my list thus far will have noticed that Iggy Azalea is the only rapper to feature on this list (without features obviously). The reason for this: she’s very amazing. Her debut Work is current without being generic and real without treading into ‘credible and ‘authentic’ territory’. The track also highlighted her pop sensibility with an incredible video and equally brilliant performances. She could become a pop ‘tour de force’ (“Do you know what that means dahling” – Mariah Carey).

8. Katy B – What Love Is Made Of

Love is a very difficult thing to write about. There is a very fine line between slushy and just not very lovey at all. However, Katy B’s comeback track What Love Is Made Of straddles this line perfectly. The house track isn’t to dissimilar to much of On A Mission, but nonetheless is a very good re-introduction to Katy B. More importantly, it makes love sound very cool, and will no doubt be the anthem of summer romances 2K13.

7. Selena Gomez – Come and Get It

2013 will forever be remembered (for the next few months at least) as the year that the Disney girls went bad and got amazing. Building on the success of Spring Breakers, Selena Gomez said adios to ‘The Scene’ and hello to a sexy Bollywood-inspired jam. The song was originally intended for Rihanna’s Unapologetic, but Selena definitely owns the song. This song also became her first number one, so evidently Rihanna’s loss is Selena’s gain.

6. Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop

Another Disney girl that got properly amazing this year is Miley Cyrus, who released her comeback single in June. We Can’t Stop is produced by Mike WiLL Made It, and marks a shift away from her pop/rock sound towards a more hip-hop one. The song very much falls into the ‘jam’ category (ie ‘a mid-tempo song that is highly danceable’), and is making huge waves around the world (it’s already number three in America). If dancing with Molly is all you need to get amazing, I better find a new friend.

5. The Saturdays – What About Us

Until 2013, The Saturdays were still missing a Number 1. However, What About Us changed all that, and did so in style with the highest first week sales at the time (it wasn’t even released on January 1st). It’s no surprise it did so though; the track has more hooks than an angling convention. Things haven’t gone according to plan since though, with follow-up Gentleman looking set to miss the top ten. Well, it wouldn’t be The Saturdays without something going wrong.

4. Demi Lovato – Heart Attack

They say all good things come in threes. Robyn’s Body Talk trilogy for example. Completely the trio of Disney girls getting amzing is Demi Lovato, with Heart Attack. The song picks up where Give Your Heart A Break left off; a stadium sized pop song that turned Demi into a household name in the UK. The track is also one of those songs that clearly influences (aka is ripped-off) by a plethora of artists, including Fifth Harmony’s Miss Movin’ On and Kat Graham’s Power. However, none of which have quite the same impact as the original.

3. AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies

Earlier I ‘hinted’ that AlunaGeorge would be making a second appearance in the Top Ten, and here it is. Attracting Flies was the band’s first proper single (well one that charted), and it successfully blends the edge and cool of the band with the hooks of their Disclosure collaboration White Noise.  I imagine this is what Aaliyah would have sounded like if her debut came out after Lady GaGa. The best thing about this song though will always be the video, which is by a country mile the best of the year.

2. Ciara – Body Party

Ciara got properly amazing this year, didn’t she? Plagued by delays and album cancellations, Ciara and her label finally got things properly going with the sexy R&B slow jam Body Party. The song is another Mike WiLL Made It production, and does the whole ‘sex jam’ sound with a touch of sophistication that hasn’t been present in other songs of that ilk. The song was also Ciara’s first ‘hit’ since Love Sex Magic, and it’s no surprise given that BET Awards performance (I’m trying to learn the choreography as we speak).

1. Icona Pop (feat. Charli XCX) – I Love It

I nearly didn’t include this. Well it was eleventh in my 2012 countdown. Also, I felt Ciara deserved a Number One. However, Icona Pop’s I Love It is the defining song of 2013. It’s been everywhere, from Girls to Eurovision to Dancing With The Stars. The properly mental banger is, much like Heart Attack, one of those songs that is shaping the sound of 2013 (see Demi Lovato’s Really Don’t Care and Neon Jungle’s Trouble). However, this song is incredible in it’s own right; it’s so simple yet so clever. Equally, it’s about time some Scandi-pop hit the world.


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