Guess Who’s Back?: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga (Copyright Vanity Fair)

The rumour mill has been going in to over-drive regarding Lady Gaga in the past month. Earlier this month, she shut down her Twitter, and nearly shut down Twitter in the process with many claiming this is the start of her comeback. This new album (ARTPOP – mustn’t forget the capitals) was announced last August, via a tattoo on her arm. Between then and now there hasn’t been much Gaga-action (like normal action but with a meat accompaniment) – but it seems now that she’s back. Today, it is widely speculated that she will be added to the iTunes Festival line-up, alongside Paramore and Justin Timberlake. She’s rumoured to be spending £500,000 on said show, using it as her big comeback performance. Far-fetched? Yes, but she is quite far-fetched herself. Equally, sources close to Gaga are also teasing a new direction. But what is this ‘new direction’? Here are some potentials:

Lady Jazz-ga

It’s no secret that Lady Gaga loves jazz music. She has already collaborated with Tony Bennett, and clearly has a penchant for the odd jazz cover in her sets (see her ‘there’ cover of Orange Coloured Sky, for example). Most importantly, jazz is the music she was doing before becoming Lady Gaga. We can all hope that she saves this passion for a few years (much like Kylie) but who knows, it is Lady Gaga after all.

Lady Rock-ga

Another sound that Lady Gaga clearly loves is rock. Her support acts are often rock-influenced. She herself dabbles into it during sections of her show. Unlike jazz, she hasn’t recorded and released rock songs, most notably rock ballad You and I. Realistically, there would be a rock song or two on it even if she released a hip-hop album (there always is), but maybe a whole rock opus is coming. (CONSPIRACY THEORY KLAXON) Perhaps ARTPOP is in fact going to be her male persona Jo Calderone’s debut album (‘his’ Twitter is still open), and thus a rock album is on the way. The stuff of dreams (definitely nightmares),

Lady Thug-ga

On paper this seems unlikely. Before you all collectively ‘WTF’, one song supposedly on ARTPOP is Ratchet, which is rumoured to feature Azealia Banks. Unless she has written about the ‘mechanical device that allows continuous linear or rotary motion in only one direction while preventing motion in the opposite direction’ (Wikipedia) and we are in fact getting Lady Mechainc-ga, Ratchet sounds like it’s going to be well, ratchet.

Lady Freakin’ Amaze-ga

2011’s Born This Way was rather patchy wasn’t it? It had it’s moments obviously (Electric ChapelThe Edge of Glory and Judas are up there with her best), but it also had some clangers (mostly because it was rather long). So what if said ‘new direction’ was in fact that she was just going to be amazing. Imagine if she dropped all the empowerment songs and just released an album of amazing, gimmick-less pop songs. She did it with The Fame Monster, so what’s to say she won’t do it again? In other words, just release something as good as Bad Romance. What a song.



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