Lady Gaga’s ‘Venus’: What To Expect

Lady Gaga (Copyright Interscope Records)

Lady Gaga has a new single coming out (hooray, I hear you cry). Venus is getting ‘chucked’ online on the 25th October, and is the follow up to Applause. Despite a tepid reception to that track, it has gone on to become her biggest radio hit since Bad Romance (probably because it was played on every television show in every country in the world – ok maybe not but the number of times on Big Brother made up for it)Anyway, with only weeks until the album ARTPOP drops, LG is giving away very little with regards to Venus. However, here’s what to expect.

1. It’s written by Lady Gaga herself, as well as DJ White Shadow. The pair have also written previous single Applause and Born This Way’s hidden gem Electric Chapel. Therefore, it’s probably going to be a banger.

2. In a tweet to announce the single, Lady Gaga tweeted some sample lyrics: ‘Take me to your planet, take me to your leader, take me to your Venus’. A day later she tweets ‘Let’s blast off to a new dimension in your bedroom’. An inter-galactic kitsch sex jam? Possibly.

3. Venus is just one of many songs that have been rumoured to be the second single. First was fan-favourite and definite slut jam Sexxx Dreams, which topped the fan vote on Twitter. Shortly after, Lady Gaga urged fans to vote for the bonkers Aura if they wanted a continuation of the Telephone video. They didn’t, and shortly after it was leaked that the RedOne-assisted Gypsy was the single. So how did Venus end up being the single? Probably because she loves it (she previously said You and I was her favourite so don’t get too excited).

4. Upon Applause’s release, Lady Gaga talked about how it was the last song she played to Jimmy Iovine, to which he commented on how every track was better than the last. Given Applause’s position in the track-listing (it’s the last song), does this mean Venus is the second worst? Perhaps.

5 One thing we are certain about is the video. It’s set to be directed by Ruth Hogben, who has worked with Lady Gaga many times (e.g this pretty picture for Elle). It’s probably not going to be an ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ affair from that, but Lady Gaga teased earlier about it being 1/3 of a new video trilogy, so who knows really?

So that’s what we know, and fortunately we’ll be listening to it next Friday. How very exciting.


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