Tamera Foster and the ‘Tumblr Confession’

Tamera Foster

I was having a search through Tumblr earlier today for a Nicole Scherzinger gif appropriate for some uni work (true story). I didn’t find it (I settled for Sabrina The Teenage Witch) but what I did find has made me quite angry. If you search the word ‘Tamera’ on the micro-blogging site, you are barraged with hate messages about the sixteen year-old X Factor star and all round ‘Queen’. Welcome to the world of the ‘Tumblr Confession’.

Well, what is a ‘Tumblr Confession’ I hear you cry? It’s when someone anonymously sends a message to a Confession Site, and from there the owners put the ‘confession’ on top of a picture of the person it’s about. Sounds simple and nice enough. But there is a much darker side to this, which brings us back to Tamera Foster. Within the first results that Tumblr retrieves, the starlet is branded a ‘famewhore’ and a ‘trainwreck’, alongside ‘I hate her because she smokes pot’/’she’s arrogant’ etc etc.

This did sadden me a great deal. Yes, I agree Tamera has had a rough two weeks with lyric problems, but that’s no reason to call her a ‘famewhore’. It has to be noted here that a significant amount of the confessions were about her rumoured relationship with Niall Horan. It’s nothing new for boyband fans to hate the partners of their idols (see Rebecca Ferguson, Caroline Flack). It’s still not right though. If this was happening to someone in school, these acts would be seen as bullying.

And it’s not just her, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these ‘confessions’. The internet has given rise to citizen journalism – with people using it now as a way to write their thoughts, however pathetic, about anyone in the public eye.

It is doubtful that these celebrities take the time to read these comments. I’m worried though that these ‘confessions’ will make young people think that it’s acceptable to say what they want about anyone. Like I said earlier, if someone created a singular school ‘confessions’ page, a Mean Girls-style ‘burn book’ meltdown would happen, not to forget the fact the perpetrator would probably get expelled.  It’s not acceptable in the ‘real world’ to call someone a ‘famewhore’/’trainwreck’ etc to their face.

So what can be done? Not a lot to be honest – they don’t seem to hang on to people that they hate, and if ‘TaNiall’ is just a rumour, this will all be over soon. But still, maybe the world needs to remember what the Spice Girls were preaching nearly twenty years ago.


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