Five Good Songs You Might Have Missed This Month

New music does have a tendency to get lost in December. In a time when sales are at their peak and the Michael Buble Christmas album is everywhere, new artists often get forgotten about (still mourning I Wish by Mini Viva). Saying that, there have been some good tunes ‘dropped onto the internet’ in the last month. Here are some of the best:

Foxes – Holding Onto Heaven

Foxes quietly chucked a free single onto iTunes this week. The track, Holding Onto Heaven, isn’t the usual ‘third worst song on album so we’ll give it away’; it’s really good. It sounds like Florence + The Machine doing trip-hop, which sounds much better than it reads. The song isn’t too dissimilar from Echo, which is good for the sake of album cohesion. The song would be a brilliant single but actual second single Let Go For Tonight is legitimately massive and will probably fully launch her career. The cover for the single is very ‘well designed’ too, so that’s all good.

Chloe Howl – Rumour

Very good pop star Chloe Howl sort-of premiered her next single earlier this week. Rumour has been ‘out there’ for ten months but she wasn’t on the edge of massive chart glory then, so it’s her first proper launch single. The ‘choon’ picks up where No Strings and Paper Heart left off; an electro-pop banger with intelligent lyrics. Actually, it’s best described using her own words: ‘steak and kidney pop’. You’ll have to wait until March (!!!!) to buy the song, but until then you’ll have to make do with the video, which appeals to the seven year-old me who was embarrassed to love chess.

Ella Eyre – Deeper

Another pop star on the verge of making it is Ella Eyre, who released first single ‘something that people can buy when she comes Top 5 in the BBC Sound of 2014 list’ Deeper earlier this week. The song sounds like motown if it was created by Mike WiLL Made It, which works very well. The best thing about this song is her voice though, which is ‘authentic’ and ‘raw’ enough to appeal to the ‘credible music market’ but still tuneful. Fans of quirky female vocalists singing songs from the ’80s will appreciate her cover of We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off too (to be honest it’s really good). Imagine if that was the John Lewis Christmas advert 2014.

Duke Dumont – I Got U (feat. Jax Jones)

After receiving a Grammy nomination earlier this month for Need U (100%) (what a song), Duke Dumont premiered his next single I Got U. The song is another house ‘jam’ based around a sample of My Love Is Your Love by Whitney Houston. It’s always a risk to base a whole song around a sample because it could sound a bit shit compared to the original but this song is huge. Mostly due to the incredible production, which is kind of wasted on December but whatever. The song is so good that Annie Mac played it 1.5 times during the premiere, which is rather annoying if you’re ‘into it’.

Elyar Fox – Do It All Over Again

There aren’t many good male pop stars ‘out there’ at the moment. Hoping to become a good male (well he’s there with that) pop star is Elyar Fox, who put his debut single Do It All Over Again online this month. The song is quite the bop, complete with a ‘dub-step but not really dub-step’ chorus (the same way as I Knew You Were Trouble was ‘dub-step’). Admittedly the song perhaps tailor-made for the teenage girl market, but then so is Story of My Life by One Direction, and that’s fantastic. He’s partial to a dance breakdown too, which automatically makes a pop star 50% better. Plus he has incredible hair.


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