What a Year It’s Been…

(Yes, I am one of those people in hysterics every week when Alan Carr says “what a week it’s been”. But then I laugh at Bruce Forsyth’s jokes on Strictly Come Dancing).

In all seriousness, 2013 has been quite the year. Not only because it consisted of 365 days, all of which lasted twenty-four hours (although – spoiler alert – that is the general premise of any year). No, quite a bit happened in the year. From the birth of a new royal (and I’m not talking about North West or Alaia-Mai Humes) to the NSA scandal to Sharknado, 2013 has been on the eventful side to way the least.

I moved to London for university this year. Contrary to Lily Allen’s LDN, the sun isn’t always in the sky. In fact, it’s been particularly wet. Meteorology aside, it has been quite good. I must admit that there have been times that I’ve found it difficult (I think everyone does), but it’s in those moments that you realise how incredible (What Doesn’t Kill You) Stronger is. As a side note, there was a day in which I only listened to Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry and I had to stop myself air-punching on the Metropolitan line.

I passed all my exams too, which is good for my otherwise woefully bad CV. I think the biggest success though was passing my Sociology exams because my teacher put a lot of time and effort into making sure I got good grades. I know all teachers do that, but I think everyone has that one teacher that just gets them, and knows how to push them. Looking back at Sixth Form now, I think walking into her lesson in March having two 100% results in my hands was my highlight given that I scraped a D the year before.

Prom was a success too. To be honest, I count any prom as a resounding success if it doesn’t involve someone getting covered in pig’s blood before going on a telekinetic killing spree. That didn’t happen, which is all well and good but I sometimes wish I had telekinetic powers because it’d make life a bit easier wouldn’t it? (imagine never having to reach for the remote).

I went to V Festival too, which was a big deal because I went by myself and that was a bit daunting. Despite walking up and down every aisle of the car park in the rain for thirteen hours, Beyonce was something else which makes it all worth it. In fact, I joked that it was like being baptised and the woman next to me told me that it was actually like getting baptised. The biggest success of that weekend was not getting any bodily fluids thrown at me, which is what you want really. Mutya Keisha Siobhan are my ‘gig highlight’ of the year though, but then that gig was something else. Icona Pop and Girls Aloud were up there too. Sky Ferreira gets a special mention too for pointing out my supposed drunkness when I was actually just being my sober self.

So it’s all been quite good. There have been other parts that have been quite good, but they’re either not really that exciting for anyone. Which then leads on to my resolutions for the new year. I understand where people come from when they say that you may as well make a change any day, but given that its new years day tomorrow, it makes sense to make changes. Apart from the obvious (doing more exercise, travelling etc), I’m hoping to keep my blog as ‘super turnt up’ as possible because even if nobody reads it, I have fun writing about pop music. That my other big resolution: to have more fun. Not that I don’t at present. But I am a bit of a worry walrus. And no one likes a walrus. Ok so some people do but I bet more people prefer the seal. And now I’m talking shit. So Happy New Year! (and here’s my favourite new year-related song).


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