The Adele/William Orbit Writing Sessions Are Exciting.


Seeing as we’re in 2014 (just in case you missed it), it seems a good time to write about some unknown, up-and-coming musical artists that will be big this year. That’s all good ‘and that’, so I’ve chosen to open 2014 with a post about Adele.

Adele is quite good, isn’t she? It’s easy to forget that Adele is good because just about every song on her last two albums have been done to death on every reality show everywhere in the world. Except I’ll Be Waiting. Poor I’ll Be Waiting. Anyway, I read on Twitter earlier that Adele is working with William Orbit

William Orbit is the man behind Madonna’s magnum opus, Ray of Light, as well as Katie Melua’s ‘dumped for a Pete Waterman leftover’ almost-Eurovision banger The Flood. It’s all a bit exciting isn’t it? Admittedly, it’s hard to see how Alien by Britney Spears would work on the third Adele album, but let’s just skate over that fact.

Imagine if it sounded like this though:

That would be a pop moment (I suppose Adele doing something more like Gang Bang might be a moment too – imagine that). It’s exciting to think that William Orbit could have a Pharrell-style resurgence in 2014 by working with the biggest popstar in the world. To be fair it could all go wrong and the sessions may not come into fruition. Adele has apparently worked with James Ford too, and if they can come up with something as good as If I Could Change Your Mind by Haim, they’re onto something. Let’s be honest, the album should be: one of them, one Sia-ballad, a couple of William Orbit mood-pop anthems and the rest should be Paul Epworth-produced. That’d be good.

There’s no date for 25/26 but chances are it’ll be chucked out Beyonce-stylee. My bet would be on the 5th May (her birthday) or 19th October (the day she gave birth plus Q4).

Edit – William Orbit denied the rumours on Twitter, despite confirming them himself back in November. The plot thickens.


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  1. CharlieB says:

    It looks like you’re right about this not coming to fruition. William Orbit has said on Twitter that it isn’t happening, at least not any time soon.

    Maybe I’m alone in this, but I can’t see Adele coming back. She’s reclusive; she’s unwilling to tour or perform; she has some kind of throat problem; she doesn’t seem all that interested in money; and she must know that she can’t match the heights she’s already reached. Given all that, what does she have to gain from putting herself out there?

    1. Matt says:

      That’s really odd – he said in an interview with M Magazine that it’s happening. It might be a case of he said it without the label knowing and if they are doing a surprise release later in the year that might make sense. I agree with you – she probably won’t top 21 but I think she still wants to make music. I don’t know about you but totally selfishly I’d quite like another Adele album. But then I’d like another Samantha Mumba album

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