A new Danity Kane song has ‘appeared’

Question: what do you get when you cross Take Back The Night by Justin Timberlake with Little Mix’s career peak (so far – we’ve not heard Word Up) Move?


Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

In case you missed it, everyone’s favourite girlband from a reality show featuring P Diddy, Danity Kane are making a comeback. Well, almost all of them are, but D. Woods isn’t joining due to some ‘Big Reunion’ style in-fighting. The now quartet announced their comeback at the VMAs last year, and this is the first thing to be heard in studio ‘form’.

The song particularly follows Move’s ‘is that really the chorus?’ template, so is quite ‘the grower’. It sounds a bit like a Timbaland production, as well as a little bit Pharrell elsewhere. In other words, it’s a lot like what most of 2014 is going to sound like (the rest is going to be sparse with a quirky-voiced singer).

They all sound really good on the song too. Literally a lot better than they have done on their other songs. Vocally, they do work well as a quartet (although they do look weird in this photo but that is a terrible photograph).

This probably isn’t the single, but it does the job of getting everyone in the mood for a Danity Kane comeback.

And just because I can:




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