Pop stars like vintage clothes (a lot)

Pop stars like vintage clothes a lot. They also like telling us how much they like said clothes. This has been made easier through ‘Vevo Stylized’, which involves pop chanteuses talking about ‘their’ attire (#content). Here are the worst ‘offenders’:

Rita Ora

The word ‘vintage’ is only uttered once in the video, but she is in head to toe vintage. Her stylist is also going through a rail of vintage clothing. She just has a vintage and unique ‘ora’ (well she did until she ‘chucked out’ Shine Ya Light).

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles also only mentions ‘vintage’ once, but she get’s a mention because her stylist says that Sara has ‘raw and unapologetic’ style. Seriously.


Currently in everyone’s Top 3 pop stars with ‘Fox’ in their name, Foxes likes vintage clothing a lot more than Rita Ora and Sara Bareilles. So much so that she says the word ‘vintage’ four times. Props have to be given though to the Designers at Debenhams soundtrack artiste because her mum owns a vintage shop. And that superwoman outfit is genuinely really cool.

Jessie J

Ever keen to go just that one step further than everyone else, the exact word vintage escapes Jessie J’s mouth six times during the video. Most of those come from one sentence too. That’s talent for you. To be honest, she could have scatted them out so we have to be thankful for that. As a side note, Jessie J was genuinely really exciting when this video dropped, wasn’t she? 😦

Nina Nesbitt

Whereas Jessie J sticks solely to the word ‘vintage’, in true word-smith stylee Nina Nesbitt’s video also includes words such as ‘retro’. And there are seven of these occurrences. Just to clarify how ‘real and authentic’ she really is, the ‘content’ is set in a vintage shop. On Brick Lane. It’s filmed through an Instagram-type filter too (well that was probably done in the editing suite but it’s nice to think she was filmed on an old camera). If her career goes tits up and she has to enter The X Factor, her background music would be Real Girl by Mutya.

There’ a drinking game in this somewhere.


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