Why the only person you need on Valentine’s Day is Kelly Clarkson

Fear not singletons, Kelly Clarkson has your back this Valentine’s Day. Who needs chocolate and roses when you can feel like a strong independent woman, right?

Never Again

If an ex has ever left you for someone else (or has generally just been a bit of a knob), ‘Never Again’ is the one. This one is for after the ‘crying to Adele’ stage of a break-up; the bit when you realise they made the mistake and you are approximately 26032068360812068x better than them. There’s also a sense of defiance in this song (well that sense is in almost all of these next songs too but still), which makes it a good fist-pump moment when you realise that you’re doing better than an ex. As a side note, it is a travesty that this flopped.

I Do Not Hook Up

Picture the scene: you’re in a bar on Valentine’s Day. Someone, who is the definition of ‘going to bed with a ten and waking up with a two’, comes up to you. You flirt for a bit before they see if you want to come back to theirs. Then you realise what day it is and that they’re probably just a bit desperate. This is for those moments. The ultimate kiss-off to the desperates. Also, how did this do so badly chart-wise? Oh well.

Walk Away

This one is for anyone that has dated anyone that was a total liability and not worth wasting time with. You give them ample opportunity to show you love but they never do. Like Robin S’s ‘Show Me Love’ but with guitars. Which usually would be awful but is quite good in this case. This is good too if you’ve just split up with someone. Or if you’ve been single for years.

Don’t Waste Your Time

A forgotten single from ‘My December’, ‘Don’t Waste Your Time’ is an anthem for the newly single. Much in the same way as ‘Never Again’, ‘Don’t Waste Your Time’ is about leaving someone because they’re actually a bit of an idiot and you don’t need them at all. For extra anti-Valentine’s-ness, it’s all a bit “I literally can’t be bothered with you right now so don’t even think about liking my picture on Tinder.” This also should have been massive but whatever.


This is a bit of a Marmite song admittedly, but its girl power ‘prowess’ is undeniable. It’s about being with someone who is an emotional vacuum cleaner; the kind of person that literally puts no effort into a relationship. The kinda of person that makes you happy to be single on Valentine’s Day because you’d get nothing from it anyway. It may not be her finest musical moment, but still.

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

This one is for the defiant stage after a break-up; the bit when you’ve moved on completely and are happier than ever. For the moment when you see an ex out and you look and feel about a million times better than you ever did. This is also good for that time when you think it’s a good idea to dance into the middle of the club and just lose your shit. This is the song for chronic singletons too, because every bad date just makes you better at dating, right?

Since U Been Gone

There is no excuse not to listen to this song on a regular basis. It must be in the Top 3 best songs ever list (it’s in mine anyway). It is the ultimate Kelly Clarkson statement of independence. Cut up their clothes. Bin all the stuff they left in your flat. Why not, you can breath for the first time since you split? You get what you want now after all, and some idiot that probably is sitting in their flat, crying into their ice cream definitely does not. But seriously, what a 10/10 song this is.


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