The ‘definitive’ ranking of every Hilary Duff single



To celebrate this momentous day in history, here’s a list of her singles. In order of greatness, obviously.

13. Little Voice (UK: DNC/USA: DNC)

Not terrible, just a bit boring. Props though for the outfit in the video, which is the definition of mid-noughties Disney star chic.

12. Our Lips Are Sealed (feat. Haylie Duff) (UK: DNC/USA: DNC)

As far as sister duets go, at least this one is better than ‘Chillin’ With You’. Kind of pointless though.

11. Reach Out (UK: 193/USA: DNC)

Speaking of pointless, ‘Reach Out’ is hilariously shit. Even she sounds really bored on the song. It’s probably best to stick to Jamelia’s ‘Personal Jesus’-sampling ‘Beware of the Dog’.

10. Someone’s Watching Over Me (UK: DNC/USA: DNC)

This would make a good X Factor single, wouldn’t it? Admittedly it needs beefing up a bit but still.

9. So Yesterday (UK: 9/USA: 42)

This is the start of the good bracket of Hilary Duff singles. One of her biggest hits, ‘So Yesterday’ just hasn’t aged very well. She does have some sensible heels on in the video though, so props for that.

8. Play With Fire (UK: DNC/USA: DNC)

The first time that she looked like a viable pop star rather than just another Disney singer. It got totally over-shadowed by the following singles/every song from album ‘Dignity’ sadly. Still good though.

7. Beat of My Heart (UK: DNC/USA: DNC)

This has aged a lot better than expected. The video, on the other hand, is very 2005. Who doesn’t love a transparent guitar though? No one ever.

6. Why Not (UK: DNC/USA: DNC)

Her first ever single is unbelievably cheesy, which is obviously I really good thing. This was released eleven years ago too, which means that The Lizzie McGuire Movie is also that old. Wow.

5. Come Clean (UK: 18/USA: 35)

This was the b-side to ‘Why Not’, but went on to do a lot better than the a-side. Probably because it’s a better song. The original video isn’t on YouTube, so here’s a Eurovison-tastic poppers o’clock remix.

4. Wake Up (UK: 7/USA: 29)

Six years before Drake released ‘The Motto’, Hilary Duff released ‘Wake Up’: the ultimate ‘yolo’ anthem. This is still her biggest hit, although that’ll hopefully change with the new record deal.

3. With Love (UK: 29/USA: 24)

If her comeback could replicate this, that’d be ideal. Miley Cyrus could learn a thing or two from this too, managing to be sexy yet still quite sophisticated (although what the fuck were they thinking with the border on the video).

2. Fly (UK: 20/USA: DNC)

The best Kelly Clarkson song not sung or ever suggested to Kelly Clarkson. This hasn’t aged at all. In fact, this is what Amelia Lily should have done rather than ‘Shut Up (And Give Me What Ever You Got ie a really shit song).

1. Stranger (UK: DNC/USA: 97)

Hilary Duff, the scorned private dancer, is the best kind of Hilary Duff. This song is still brilliant, and the video is a whole lot sexier than the ‘Reach Out’. It’s a shame that this was the last real time she was a pop star because it was one of the first times she looked like a legitimate pop star. Thanks to whoever signed her again.


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