The 2014 Pop Noise

Move over the Jessie J noise. Fuck off saxophones. Bells, what the hell? There’s a new pop noise that’s cropping up all over the place.

Introducing: the noise that sounds like The Clangers having a chat.

For those who had a deprived, Clanger-free childhood, they were (according to Wikipedia) a family of mouse-like creatures who live on, and in, a small blue planet (quite similar to, but not intended to be, the Moon)’. They speak in a sort of whistle like so:

Anyway, the Clanger whistle has popped up in an array of songs in 2014.

Exhibit A: ‘No Ordinary Love’ by Leah McFall

This all starts slow and slightly boring (let’s be honest it’s not going to save The Voice), but then the Clanger whistle kicks in during the chorus. It starts of as a saxophone, before turning into what can only be described as a clanger getting electrocuted. Technically this would be impossible given that the Clangers are indeed puppets who are not capable of being electrocuted, let alone make a noise like they are being electrocuted. Nonetheless, it’s a clanger noise.

Exhibit B: ‘Still’ by Katy B

The Clanger whistle next reared itself in Katy B’s ‘#116 but should’ve been 115 places higher’ hit ‘Still’. Here, the whistle happens during the second chorus, and is much lower than in the Leah McFall track. In fact, it’s as though Mother Clanger knows that Major Clanger is cheating on her, but nonetheless she has to keep it together for the sake of the family. I had dubbed this whistle ‘The Still Noise’ until writing this ‘article’ (I use the term very loosely), but it is indeed a Clanger whistle.

Exhibit C: ‘Insincerely Yours’ by Lily Allen

The whistle went a bit quiet for a few months, but it’s back in Jourdan Dunn’s favourite pop song: ‘Insincerely Yours’ by Lily Allen. Once again, the song features in the chorus, which is because it is the pop noise of 2014 (of course). This whistle falls closer to the whistle in the Leah McFall song, although it’s more of a chilled night in the wine bar whistle. As a side note, what a song (the album is a strong eight too).

Which pop star will be next to use the whistle. Beyoncé probably, although she’d probably claim it as her own.



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