The definitive ranking of every Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull collaboration

Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull

(image: ABC)

Jennifer ‘Jenny From The Block’ Lopez. Pitbull. They go together like a Grease lyric that is pretty hard to remember off the cuff. One of life’s great questions, however, is which Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull collaboration is best? And perhaps more pressingly, which is fourth best? Well worry not, here’s a definitive ranking of each ‘collab’.

6. We Are One

The only Pitbull/Jennifer Lopez collaboration that is not a #BANGER, ‘We Are One’ suffers from ‘Children of the Universe’syndrome (ie using every world peace cliché in the book – although the former is better). It’s also their only collaboration to include another vocalist, with Claudia Leitte singing a verse. There’s something awfully Real Housewives of Orange County about her, isn’t there. This isn’t terrible, but it’s best enjoyed when their mics are switched off.

5. Drinks For You (Ladies Anthem)

Pitbull’s ode to the working woman, ‘Drinks For You’ isn’t particularly good. It sounds like what you’d imagine a Pitbull album track would sound like if you’ve never heard a Pitbull album. It’d probably be good after one too many Cheeky VKs mind you. Imagine if Jennifer Lopez was on ‘Wild Wild Love’ though. Or even ‘Timber’. She must owe him a few favours still, given that this is only the second song of his she’s on. It’s still better than his song with Flo Rida.


(source: Giphy)

(Priyanka Chopra feat. Pitbull – Exotic)

Ok so this isn’t a Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull collab, but it may as well be. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was ‘Live It Up’ at some point in its existence, much like ‘On The Floor’ and Kelly Rowland’s ‘You Can Put It Up My Bum If You Like (Down For Whatever)’.

4. Dance Again

Still a staple of the ‘drunken euphoria of 5am’ genre, ‘Dance Again’ is the first ‘actually really good’ song on this list. Who doesn’t love dancing? Who doesn’t love loving? Who doesn’t love dancing again? Quite the message, especially off the back of her divorce from Marc Antony (much like Tulisa’s ‘Young’ post blow-job-gate). Extra points have been added for the gravity defying orgy in the video. Even more points have been awarded because the performance on American Idol was something else entirely.

3. Live It Up

There are times that I wish Jennifer Lopez had released this in its original form: ‘Sip It Up’ (I may have made this up – I can’t find the interview online :(). It would have made more sense, especially given the moans in the drop (which are rumoured to be from Nicole Scherzinger’s Herbal Essences audition tape). It’s all a bit bonkers, it’s a bit lol-worthy, but it’s the most fun Jennifer feat. Pitbull song. Also, the performance on Britain’s Got Talent is still iconic. Even the Little Mix performance from this series couldn’t beat it.

2. Booty

You can call this premature, but I was going to put it first. Their latest and most interesting collaboration, ‘Booty’ is about shaking your booty on your man. The production is INSANE (!), and will probably be a Number 1 if they push it during the summer. Although there are rumours that they may be going with ‘Emotions’ (I kid you not). Also, the video. THE VIDEO. It makes you want to cast away better judgement and learn how to twerk.

1. On The Floor

Much like the woman herself, this song does not age. The song that rejuvenated Jennifer Lopez’s career, it was her best since ‘Ain’t It Funny’ (‘Louboutins’). It’s probably the reason she still has a budget, and so the reason we have ‘I Luh Ya Papi’. There’s no arguing with that, is there? Her performance of this on the French X Factor is perhaps the most euphoric television performance of recent memory (don’t lie, you were air-punching along too). But mostly, WHAT A SONG.


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