Let’s all take a moment to have a look at the cover for The Saturdays’ greatest hits album

The Saturdays

The Good Points:

1) A nice ‘nod’ to ‘Disco Love’.

2) Their logo still is the best logo in pop.

3) The crop tops are nice.

4) At least they’re all the same size this time.

The Bad Points:

1) Why are their disco ball meteorites flying towards Una’s head?

2) The blue dalmatian print behind Mollie.

3) The ‘Finest Selection’ bubble.

4) ‘Finest Selection’. ‘Better Together’ would’ve been ideal.

5) Their facial expressions: it’s like they know how dire it all is.

6) The telephone wire, unless it’s a nod to ‘Call The Shots’.

7) ‘Now!’ should not be the starting point for any cover art.



One Comment Add yours

  1. To me it looks like an 11 year old’s school project. It could have been so much more polished. Yes it is camp, which they need to play on, but overall “it’s a no from me”.

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