Right then, who’s in the market for a good X Factor contestant and potentially amazing popstar?

I love international versions of The X Factor.

Where else would you hear ‘DJ, Ease My Mind’ on prime-time television?

Where else would you find someone trying to be Loreen?

If you hadn’t guessed from my Twitter, I’m a bit obsessed with The X Factor Australia at the moment. Not only do I love that Natalie Bassingthwaighte from Rogue Traders is a judge, but they’re having a year comparable to the Cher Lloyd series here in the UK.

There’s a puddle-drinking ‘rocker’ (vom) with strong brows.

There’s a girl group who do ‘Neon Jungle’ better than ‘Neon Jungle’ (yes the harmonies are dire but dance routines and semi-naked neon gladiators are more important).

But the really good, ‘I’m going to sell millions of records’ popstar is Reigan Derry. Fans of ‘Australian duos who flopped because they were shit’ may recognise Regan because she was in the Australian duo Scarlett Belle, who flopped because they were shit.

Reigan is very good though. She performed ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ at Judges Houses, and Nicole Scherzinger called her ‘the contender’. You know you’re good when Nicole Scherzinger says you are good. Let’s hope she never reads my blog and calls it ‘a skid-mark on the y-front that is the internet ‘. I’d give up.

She got through, naturally. Unlike the British version, the Top 13 Australian X Factor contestants get a popstar logo with their makeover. Reigan naturally got the best one:

Reigan Derry

(site note: can we bask in the glory that is their wind tunnel. As head (and sole member) of the ‘X Factor Wind Tunnel Appreciation Society’, I give it 9/10)

Reigan very nearly fell into ‘MOR-Dido territory’ during the auditions, but she did this on the first week of the live shows:


‘Unconditionally’ is so hard to sing because of how under-written the chorus is (it’s still my favourite ‘Prism’ single but still). Katy Perry has struggled with it, but it sounds like the all-conquering pop song it is here. I think that had Katy sung it a bit better (and released it in January, rather than December), it probably would have been a smash. And we would have ‘Legendary Lovers’ as the single now. But that’s not the point.

It’s such a clichéd thing to say but Reigan looks like a popstar. Her makeover is pretty much ‘Molly without the henna’, and if we can’t have Molly as a viable popstar, we may as well have Reigan. I also like the sand on stage. She probably got some in her mouth. Being a popstar is glamour.

She did ‘Toxic’ by Britney last night. She was floating above some crystal/ice spikes and it was as good as ‘Unconditionally’. Her head-dress collection is top-notch too.

When she wins the contest in eight weeks time, she’ll release a winner’s single. The last two are incredible:

If she get’s one that good, we’ll have a good popstar. You can never have too many, right? (excluding Amelia Lily, Alexa Goddard and Leah McFall, who should really become a girlband).



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