Popstars, stop using shit fonts (!!!)

Jennifer Lopez (feat. Iggy Azalea) have just chucked out the cover for ‘Booty (Remix)’.

Here it is:


Their hair looks good but LOOK AT THOSE FONTS. Popstars should never use fonts that you get with your laptop.

There’s a reason why The Saturdays’ logo isn’t in Snap ITC:


Would ‘Beyonce’ have had such an impact with Papyrus? Imagine the ‘SURFBOARD’ jumpers.


There’s a reason why Charli XCX doesn’t splash Comic Sans all over her artwork.


It looks shit.

The lesson should have been learnt post-Sam Bailey, but then her album sold 71,000 more copies in its first week, so perhaps the public are drawn to fonts they are familiar with (or perhaps people just like Sam more than JLo *sadface*).



One Comment Add yours

  1. I rarely hate anything, but the use of bad fonts comes very close. Who on earth sanctions their use?

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