Why Simone Battle was so incredible


I have been meaning to write a blog about why I love Simone Battle for weeks. Which made it all the more sad to hear the news this morning that she has passed away.

Simone was ‘it’. It’s a massive cliché admittedly, but she has the ‘X Factor’. She was one of the show’s best contestants. She was one of the most well-rounded girl group members ever. When she performed in G.R.L, she gave it her all. She was never half-assed; she was a popstar in the purest (and best) sense of the word.

Take this performance on The X Factor Australia. This woman oozed charisma. Popstars work best when they want to be a popstar doing amazing pop, and Simone embodied this. She had it all: she could dance, sing and both in a way that was captivating to watch. She deserved to be a massive popstar, which makes today all the more tragic.

Perhaps her finest moment was at X Factor’s judges houses. She had been getting criticism from the judges at her audition, but nonetheless made it through to Simon’s final cut. She walked out in a black leotard, mesh skirt and massive platform heels (SERIOUSLY HOW INCREDIBLE DOES SHE LOOK I MEAN COME ON) and sang the hell out of ‘Help’ by The Beatles. This perhaps embodies what I’ve been trying to say in the last 250 words: Simone Battle sang every song like she may not get an opportunity like this again.

There’s something very haunting about that after today’s events.

Simone Battle: what a woman.


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