Is this the worst album cover of the year/the decade/all time?

Lucy Kay, of ‘second on Britain’s Got Talent’-fame, has a new album out today.

It’s called ‘Fantasia’, and (in true “we’ve put loads of time and effort into this” winner’s album fashion) it includes a cover of ‘Nessum Dorma’.

It’s also a Sony album, which isn’t important until you see the cover.

Here’s the cover:


Let’s start with the good point. The ‘Lucy Kay’ logo isn’t that bad. Admittedly it’s a bit ‘booking info in Twitter bio’, but it’s not offensive. Century Gothic should never be used on an album cover though. In fact, it should be saved for when you want to make essays look like album covers from 2005 (I hope I’m not the only one who did this).

The gold background. Fucking hell. There are two things this looks like. It does look like she’s falling head-first into a champagne flute. Tyra Banks just happened to be at the champagne party and told her to smize on the descent. It also looks like she’s in the middle of a golden shower.

Finally, the pose. Add on a fringe and this could be the debut album by Mystic Meg.



(source: The Sun)

On the plus side, at least Lucy got a nice dress out of it.

Oh, and it makes ‘Big Fat Lie’ look like the centerpiece of the 2020 Nicole Scherzinger Louvre exhibition.


Imagine that.


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