Hey Simon Cowell, can Fleur East sing ‘Disturbia’ on The X Factor next week?

Fleur East is by far the best popstar on The X Factor this year. That doesn’t really mean that much given that the standard on the show this year is a four-out-of-ten at best, but whatever. She’s the only one that can dance, and more importantly, she’s one of the few people left in the competition who hasn’t committed musical murder aka turning a banger into a ballad.

Seriously, does anyone actually enjoy it when they do that?

Anyway, another thing that has completely missed the mark this year is song choices. Which has been the worst so far? I’d like to throw Only The Young’s ‘Come On Eileen’ into the mix:

Now, I shouldn’t really judge this song choice because it was only a year ago that I sang this for half-an-hour on the night bus (some randoms joined in and it was rather amazing), but still. Shit song.

Which is why we need to stage an intervention. Fleur East needs to sing Rihanna’s ‘Disturbia’ for next week’s Halloween theme.


1) ‘Disturbia’ is banger.

2) It’s not a particularly vocally-difficult song, which would allow Fleur to do some full-on choreography (just because no one else can, tbh).

3) It sounds exactly like what ‘Fleur East the popstar’ should be singing.

4) It could be a ‘Don’t Let Go (Love)’ Little Mix-moment. Or at the very least, an ‘E.T’-sized one.

5) She would further stand-out in the increasingly ballad heavy show.

So let’s just hope Simon Cowell reads my blog (it’s highly unlikely, but still).



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