Pop Neighbourhood Watch: Christmas Day

These popstars could strike at any time (I mean hopefully on December 25, otherwise this is a waste of time).

Tamera Foster

There will definitely be some Tamera Foster music tomorrow. That is unless they’ve given all the good stuff to Fleur East.


It’s rumoured to be coming out on Boxing Day (or a day earlier, because according to that website, the UK gets music a day earlier than everywhere else *sniggers*).


Could tomorrow be the day? Mutya did tease us with an announcement a few days ago, and although it is probably about her beauty salon, she could be saving the big news for Christmas day.


Seeing as thirty songs are now ‘out there’, could Madonna minimise the damage by shitting the album out for Christmas? It’d work better than Valentines, perhaps not as well as January 1.

Happy Christmas!



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