What 2014 sounded like

Ellie Goulding – ‘Anything Could Happen’

The first song I listened to in 2014 was ‘Anything Could Happen’. The end of 2013 was a pretty shit time for me in retrospect; the social anxiety that had crippled me through school was back. There were a few times during that Autumn where I turn up to things and not be able to go in through fear. I was fucking lonely, but in a way that I couldn’t get out from.

So I listened to ‘Anything Could Happen’ on repeat for an hour because there’s something really hopeful about it.

Pixie Lott – ‘Nasty’

The highlight of 2014 was dancing to Pixie Lott with Goldie Cheung in G-A-Y. It was the most bizarre moment of my life. At one point Goldie tried to set me up with the only man in her party. Imagine if she tried a bit harder and it worked. Goldie could have officiated the wedding. I could have walked down the aisle to ‘On The Floor’. Sinitta as the bridesmaid, Wagner as the best man. The stuff of dreams

Danity Kane – ‘Lemonade’ (feat. Tyga)

This song reminds me of all the people I’ve met this year. You’re all so fucking cool. Other songs that could have been here: ‘2 On’, ‘Opulence’, ‘I Luh Ya Papi’.

Charli XCX – ‘Boom Clap’

I’ve written quite a lot about ‘Boom Clap’ already. Aside from that, I saw Charli XCX in October and it was my favourite gig of the year. Perhaps even my favourite gig ever. It was a Wembley Stadium show in a 1,850 person venue (but with better sound quality). It was like Frankenstein made of the best bits of Tumblr.

They’re looking for some new road names in my hometown, and as she’s the best former resident, I’m proposing XCX Avenue. Other options: ‘Daisy Dares You Drive’, ‘[Sam] Smith Lane’

Ariana Grande – ‘Break Free’

I set myself a resolution last year to have more fun. I have had so much fun in the last three months of this year. This song is what having fun sounds like. I really like the “I only wanna die alive, never by the hands of a broken heart” lyric. My interpretation is that there’s no point being sad so get on with it. I know it makes no sense, but it’s my favourite lyric of 2014. This is also the song I shall be listening to at midnight this New Year’s (I have no plans so I’m working on my angles).

Marina & The Diamonds – ‘Happy’

I only heard this song last night, but still. I was really sad a month or so ago because something felt weird. I don’t know how to explain it, but you know that feeling that something has changed and you can’t pinpoint what it is. Then I realised what had changed was that I was happy. And that’s what this song is about (albeit worded beautifully).

This year has been hard. But it’s been the best year of my life, so thank you to everyone involved.

Happy New Year xo


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Great review as always! Hope you have a wonderful New Year x

    1. Matt Hooper says:

      Thank you! I hope yours is brilliant.

      ps your blog is sick

      1. Aww that means a lot, thank you 😊

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