Here’s a massive pop song by Tori Kelly

What do you get when you cross four excellent pop songs?

In particular, what do you get when you cross:

With this:

Add in a dash of this:

And some of this:

No, I can confirm you don’t get a weird, ‘human centipede’ type thing (that would be too odd). You get ‘Nobody Love’ by Tori Kelly.

What a song.

It’s pretty early in the year to be talking about a summer anthem, but let’s be honest, this won’t be out here until August 2017 so: this could be the sound of the summer. The last-minute or so particularly explodes all over the place, with euphoric horns and the best vocal run I’ve heard in a while (you can’t not airpunch in that moment).

The verses have that breezy half sung/half rapped quality that Natasha Bedingfield did so well on ‘Single’ and ‘These Words’. Tori’s voice is stellar, and Max Martin kills it production-wise. But then when hasn’t Max Martin killed it?

Tori Kelly was discovered through YouTube, before Karen-Harding-ing a stint on American Idol in 2009 (she didn’t get past bootcamp, in other words). Victoria Beckham thinks that ‘classy women’ will like her, and I’d argue that anyone with taste will like her. The Wanted performed one of her songs on Dancing With The Stars, and she toured with Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran (she only needs George Ezra and she has the full set). She was also the female voice on Professor Green’s ‘Lullaby’.

She’s got an album coming out at some point, but here’s the thing: the album is executively produced by Max Martin.



It’s going to be incredible, but until then, let’s enjoy ‘Nobody Love’ again.

[side note: this is my 100th blog post. I don’t think I’ve ever said this but thank you for reading my blog xoxo]


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