‘Tor’ of Pop #2: Tor Miller

The current new releases on iTunes look exactly like this:

itunesThe best song in that selection is ‘Doing It (feat. Rita Ora)’ by Charli XCX. The best cover art though is ‘Headlights’ by Tor Miller.

Look at it:

Torr Miller - 'Headlights'


Incredible stuff.

According to his Twitter, Torr Miller is a ‘singer/songwriter’ from New York City. That’s about all the information on him – apart from the fact he is beautiful.

Anyway, the music is really good too. During the first series of The Voice UK, Jessie J made the distinction between ‘singing’ and ‘singing’; the former being singing a song and the latter being putting some emotion into singing a song. There’s nothing wrong with either, but Tor falls into the latter category.

Leona Lewis once sang about being cut open and bleeding love, and that’s what Tor sounds like. I mean not as good as that song, because that’s one of the greatest songs ever written, but still. Take the EP’s title track, for example:

From around the two-minute mark, it literally sounds as though he is going to burst into tears. There’s often a tendency in ‘one man and his guitar’ music to be quite ‘small’, but it sounds like he’s literally getting ready to perform this at Wembley. Imagine.

There’s something a bit Perfume Genius about him, isn’t there? They’re both men who play a piano with some conviction, and who make music made for an arena. I guess Tor is a bit more accessible, though.

The rest of the EP is very good too. He’s doing some shows in London next month, but they’re sold out 😦



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