There’s another bit in Madonna’s Brits performance that’s worth talking about

Where were you when Madonna was pulled over at the Brit Awards?

I, for the first time in as long as I can remember, was out. I watched it a couple of hours later. It’s one hell of a landing, but more importantly, a masterclass in getting on with it.

This accident could have happened to anyone. Madonna’s cape didn’t cling on to her neck because she’s not in her twenties, nor would gravity have had a strong pull on her when she was tugged away. I doubt very much that Katy Perry or Rihanna would have got the same schtick if they were pulled down by a dancer.

When I was younger, I was sat by my pond when I realised that my favourite fish had died. I ran towards the house, slipped on the stone step and landed on the bottom of my back. 0/10.

But anyway, it must have killed.

I’ve been watching the performance a lot over the last few days and there’s another really good bit. The part that I really want to talk about happens at around the 2:40 mark.

She closes her eyes, and shouts the “I’m gonna carry on” bit.

It doesn’t happen in the Grammy’s performance. It doesn’t happen anywhere else in the Brits performance. It’s Madonna at her most vulnerable but Madonna at her most determined.

She doesn’t really do fragile. Every recent performance she’s given is perfectly placed, yet lacking in real emotion. Here though, Madonna is fragile. She’s just had potentially the worst stage malfunction of her career and is trying so hard to save the performance.

This is Madonna as a human, rather than Madonna as an Instagram-loving, hydrangea-hating super-bitch. Don’t get me wrong, I love the latter so much, but it was refreshing to see her caring about saving the performance. It would be nice to see it more often.

Madonna’s announcing a tour next week and I, for one, will be giving her my money (that’s what student loans are for, right?!?)


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  1. I cannot believe this is the first I am hearing of this. Too much galavanting in Shanghai methinks… Kudos to her for carrying on. I agree, this ‘real’ side makes her much more likeable.

    1. Matt Hooper says:

      Wait wait you went to Shanghai? How was it? I think her next album should sound a bit more nice and fragile

      1. I did! I got really often, so I don’t bang on about it too much. It’s an amazing city, I love it. I know it better than London.
        Definitely with you on Madge’s next album, either not fragile or just re-release Confessions.

      2. Matt Hooper says:

        I’m so jealous, I’ll definitely add it to the bucket list.
        YES YES YES Confessions is my favourite Madonna album

      3. Oh do! You just can’t beat that album. Amazing.

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