Some opinions about some pop songs

Here’s the thing: I haven’t written anything on here for a few weeks. There are two reasons for this. First: I’ve got a presentation at uni in two weeks, so I’m prepping that. Every other waking moment of my life rn is spent applying for jobs, which is by far the most demoralising experience of my life, and one which I’ll write about once I’m finished with all this uni work (zzzzz).

Anyway, the good thing about having all this work is that I have so much time to listen to music. Here are some songs I have opinions about atm.

Giorgio Moroder – ‘Deja Vu’ (feat. Sia)

You know when you hear a song so good that you want to have a little cry, followed by a full-on bawl when you hear it out for the first time (combine with a spin to create the ‘sprinkler’)? This song. The production doesn’t lean far enough forward to be a monster smash, but there’s just something about this song that is spine-tingling. I think it’s Sia, tbh. I’ve interpreted this song as being about thinking a lad is amazing, but knowing, deep down, that they’re a bit out of your league. I know it’s about falling in love mutually, but hey, the point of music is that it’s open to interpretation, right?

Britney Spears – ‘Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know’

I didn’t say these songs were going to be current.

I hadn’t listened to ‘My Prerogative’ for a while, and honestly, this was the only Britney song that I couldn’t at least hum.


There’s something wonderfully ‘1999’ about the melody, which is funny because it actually came out in 2001. Having said that, this song does have a slight whiff of Eurovision about it, which I really enjoy because I’m struggling to get into many of this year’s entries. I think it might be one of my favourite Britney songs now, tbh. FUN FACT: it was the third biggest selling song in Romania in 2001.

Iggy Azalea – ‘Trouble’ (feat. Jennifer Hudson)

Has there ever been a song so plain and nothingy? The rap in particular is so inoffensive (ok so it’s pretty offensive that she’s literally just mumbling words), and the production is so barely there. Some songs benefit from being sparse, but ‘Trouble’ just sounds tepid. I have enjoyed all of Iggy’s singles so far (‘Fancy’ is obviously incredible), but this all feels a bit lazy.

I have no idea how this is so high on the charts right now. Ultimately, this song is rendered pointless in a world where ‘Bad Boys’ by Alexandra Burke exists. Thank you.

Matthew Young – ‘Magic’

I’ve written a bit about Matthew Young before because I think he’s an exciting pop thing. ‘Magic’ popped up online at about 11pm last night, and is very good. The first half is floats somewhere between Banks at her most chill and Years & Years at their most chill (it’s chilled out). The middle-8 is a rap/sung/spoken concoction (think Timebomb by Tove Lo), where Matthew has a chat about meeting someone when you’re dating someone else. This is very dreamy and cool, although I would be here for a massive Matthew Young banger.

Brandon Flowers – ‘Still Want You’

This has nothing on ‘Can’t Deny My Love’, but what does? (ans: ‘King’, ‘I Really Like You’ and ‘Sparks’)

This is awesome though. The vocal melody on the verses is a bit jarring I must admit; it almost sounds like he’s out of tune. But this song, much like ‘Boom Clap’, sounds like falling in love and I like that. I don’t think enough popstars tackle pop in such a straight up fashion, but it’s something that I’d like to hear more of.

Actually, ‘I Really Like You’ and ‘Sparks’ do it too. Lol.



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