These are some songs I’m going to be listening to a lot during June:

Grace – ‘The Honey’

Grace had a Number 1 in Australia a few weeks ago with the rather great ‘You Don’t Own Me’. She’s just released her debut EP called ‘Memo’ (there’s a song called ‘Memo’ on it which is very ‘1989’ voice notes), and ‘The Honey’ is by far the standout. It’s the best song to sound like three different songs since ‘Biology’ by Girls Aloud. Grace has the voice too; her raspy belt is as good as the rapping. The whole EP is worth checking out too.

Conor Maynard – ‘Royalty’

It’s a shame that ‘Talking About’ flopped because it’s a lot better than a Conor Maynard single needed to be in 2015. The next single is ‘Royalty’, which is a bit of a banger.  It’s by far the most interesting song he’s released, managing to marry swing and dance music much more successfully than Electro Velvet. It’s also great to see Conor trying to make a statement with a record, rather than chasing a trend. Will probably flop though.

Giorgio Moroder – ‘Diamonds’ (feat. Charli XCX)

I don’t know about anyone else, but I thought the Giorgio Moroder album had already been and gone. It’s still not out though, but the Charli XCX collab is the best song so far. It’s the only one that pushes the Giorgio Moroder ‘sound’ forward, and is the closest thing we have to ‘True Romance’-era Charli. Imagine if there was a two-part music video including this and ‘Gold Coins’ from ‘Sucker. That would be perfect.

Petite Meller – ‘Baby Love’

Much like the Giorgio Moroder album, this song feels like it’s been around for ages. It’s still a banger of mammoth proportions, mind you. This has all the ingredients of the ‘song of the summer’: it sounds like nothing before, and it has that real euphoric feeling you only get during summer. It’s a real shame that this won’t get any airplay because the video’s a bit weird, but maybe if she chucks some Tinder in it’ll all be fine.

Hurts – ‘Some Kind Of Heaven’

The last Hurts album was a massive disappointment, so somewhat unsurprisingly, they’ve gone back to pop. The first single from their next album is ‘Some Kind Of Heaven’, which sounds like the first Hurts album put in a blender with some Eurovision ballads (imagine if this was an actual Eurovision song). It’s almost certainly their most straightforward song so far, but that’s not a bad thing because at times they are a little ‘style over substance’.

Bebe Rexha – ‘Pray’

The whole Bebe Rexha EP is worth a listen, but if you’re only going to listen to one song, make sure it’s ‘Pray’. It’s about the part after a break-up where you feel a bit lost and need a bit of help. Here, Bebe is praying for something to help her get over her love ‘hangover’ (I mean, she should just re-hydrate before bed). There’s a really nice bit towards the end where Bebe sounds like she’s breaking down, which I imagine would get called ‘real’ on The Voice.

Dornik – ‘Drive’

Dornik has been beavering away for a while now, starting out as Jessie Ware’s drummer. Jessie Ware’s influence is splattered across his new single ‘Drive’, which is the sex to ‘Sweet Talk’s’ foreplay. His voice is the real star here. Remember the gold Charlize Theron Dior advert? If that could be turned into a popstar, it would be Dornik. He has an album out in August, which should be very good.

Josef Salvat – ‘Till I Found You’

Josef Salvat’s ‘Hustler’ is the best video of the year so far (I’d put the song in the Top 10 too). The follow-up is ‘Till I Found You’, which is another grand ballad. This one’s about being a bit lost but finding a new lease of life with someone. It’s lyrically ambiguous, which is great because potentially Josef is singing about getting a new dog. Honestly, this Josef Salvat album is my most anticipated of the year.

Tove Styrke – ‘Number One’

Toves are like buses: you wait for one and two come along at once. Tove Styrke has an album out in two weeks, and ‘Number One’ is the next song to be lifted from it. This has the same airy electro feel as the 10/10 ‘Ego’, and includes an amazing Britney reference (she feels, yeah?’). Speaking of the lyrics, they’re completely nonsensical. I’m guessing it’s about looking for the best, but hey, maybe she really loves having a pee.

Elliphant – ‘Love Me Badder’

Whilst Rihanna is trying to scramble together an album, Elliphant has gone and released the best Rihanna single of the year. ‘Love Me Badder’ matches the electro-reggae sound that Elliphant is known for with a pop hook worthy of the best. It’s always nice to see a singer trying to become a proper popstar, and ‘Love Me Badder’ sounds like the start of something really great, y’know?


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