Notes on the new Rita Ora video

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about the new Rita Ora video since it premiered a week or so ago. I’ve watched this video more times than any other video this year, and I’m still totally perplexed. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Why are Rita and her friends just sat around whilst a man takes photos of them? I once tried to take a photo of ‘Covent Garden’ but one of the street performers had a go at me.
  • It appears that Rita’s friend is being selfish by not taking her headphones off so Rita can listen to ‘Poison’. However, she’s being selfless by not subjecting Rita to it. Side note: said headphones cost £199.99, which trumps Little Mix and their Beats, which come in at £169.95.
  • Rita Ora’s ‘first love’ has the best hair I’ve seen all year.
  • What does the blonde guy write on Rita’s hand? Ans:

Rita's hand

(image: Roc Nation)

  • The Frizz Ease product placement really is quite something, isn’t it?
  • According to science, we date people who look like ourselves because we link ‘trustworthiness’ with our own image. This explains why Rita and the blonde guy look very similar after she got her hair cut.
  • Although it’s obviously annoying when the guy you’re seeing ‘goes off with’ the guy you really like, but Rita was also seeing the guy with the undercut. This all sounds a bit like the bit ‘in the club’ where people go from person to person looking for someone to get with.
  • Despite having very expensive clothes, it takes a mere £20 for the brown-haired guy to leave the gallery launch.
  • Why was Rita upset when she saw the two guys doing a photoshoot? It wasn’t as if they were shooting for a generic gay porn website. Rita should just accept that she has a successful boyfriend. This level of narcissism ruins relationships. The Huffington Post even wrote a step-by-step guide to help when dating a narcissist.
  • Rita has a great popstar run. She didn’t have time to put her t-shirt on though. It’s also pretty fortunate that, in all the time it took her to have a career, her leather jacket is still in the studio she started in.
  • The street that she runs down is COMPLETELY EMPTY.
  • The note the blonde guy wrote on her hand is there for the whole video.

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