The definitive ranking of every live performance of ‘Worth It’ by Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony are currently sat at 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, which is the first time a girlband has been in the Top 15 since ‘Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny)’. Part of the reason why it’s doing so well is because they’ve performed it just about everywhere. Here are all the performance, ranked by how much they’re worth a watch.

8. Capital FM Summertime Ball

This has been viewed an amazing 2.1 million times, which is more than the official video for Leona Lewis’ ‘Fire Under My Feet’. Bizarre because this performance is terrible. The vocals, as with most of these performances, are pre-recorded, but they still don’t sound very good. There is literally no reaction from the crowd (well bar the child holding a ‘#BuyWorthItOniTunes’ pillow, so it’s all just a bit awkward.

OUTFIT WATCH: it’s pretty hard to go wrong with matching white, but the cut of Ally’s dress makes her look wider than she is. 6/10

7. Good Morning Britain

Also while they were over here, they popped into Good Morning Britain. Much like Wembley Stadium, the studio sucks most of the life out of the song. Keep an eye out for Ally and Lauren in this one – there are moments where both look like they’re about to give up. Props to Camila though, who really sells it (it probably helps that the cameras can only shoot whoever is in the middle). The definition of ‘serviceable’.

OUTFIT WATCH: they’re back in businesswear here. They all look very nice, but the whole look is ruined by Ally’s awful shoes. Well, it wouldn’t be 5H if they looked perfect. 7/10.

6. Big Morning Buzz Live

Another breakfast television performance here, this time on Big Morning Buzz Live (hosted by Nick Lachey ofc). This is actually the first time they performed ‘Worth It’ live, so look out for some subtle differences throughout. Note the use of the ‘Bo$$’ aesthetic in the costume. Lauren also gets a line in this version, although it sort of ruins the appeal of her being the ‘idgaf’ one. Vocals are pretty shaky too throughout.

OUTFIT WATCH: discount shop version of ‘Bo$$’. Lauren’s outfit looks like what the girls did to their school uniforms on my last day of Secondary School. Normani’s is the v early PCD Scherzy. 4/10.

5. Dancing With The Stars

Here, the band are joined by a number of Dancing With The Stars professionals. If this were the UK, the band would be performing in front of Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace doing the Rumba. Here though, they’re all doing ‘Worth It’ choreo. Imagine, if ‘Worth It’ was a new dance style on Strictly this year. The song has been cut in half though, so it’s not exactly satisfying. A nice amuse bouche if you’re binge watching all of these performance.

OUTFIT WATCH: all black. I’d love to see Caitlyn Jenner in Dinah’s outfit. 5/10

4. Jimmy Kimmel Live

They went all out for the first late night tv performance. Kid Ink was actually there, and so there was no yelling over the verses. They had proper back-up dancers too, which is what the Summertime Ball performance really needs. The dancing goes slightly harder than usual too, and overall it just works really well. Please note Ally’s new hair extensions – they are quite something.

OUTFIT WATCH: I wanna be next to you, black and gold x3. They are pretty tacky tbh. Ally’s top is particularly horrendous. 3/10

3. 4Music

One night (day) on the rooftop, Fifth Harmony did an acoustic version of ‘Worth It’. The set may look like the IKEA catalogue version of a summer bbq, but this is a very good performance. Why? There are actual harmonies here. ACTUAL HARMONIES. They sound really good too, which makes a change considering you can barely hear the vocals on the other performances. Could do with the dance though.

OUTFIT WATCH: New Look summer nights collection (bar the duffle coat, obv). Pretty plain, but Ally looks SO GOOD. 4/10 (10/10 Ally hun).

2. Live! with Kelly and Michael

This one is the most similar to the actual music video. The props may be cheap (it’s giving me ‘nerd falls in love with pretty girl’ Strictly Charleston vibes), but it’s nice when the theme carries through. This was the second performance after the Big Morning Buzz one, and you can tell that they ironed out all the shit bits from that (the shouty rap). Look out for an ace jacket toss from Normani, too.

OUTFIT WATCH: the outfits are v similar to the video. Can someone explain why Dinah was put in a pencil skirt, though? 7/10.

1. Radio Disney Music Awards

The group here open with an acapella version of ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ (it was part of a medley with ‘Somebody’ by Natalie La Rose, you see). The set is very Little Mix ‘I’m Like A Bird’, but that’s a good thing because that was their best performance. The girls really ‘own’ this performance, and do an incredible synchronised hair flick at the minute mark. This is very good.

OUTFIT WATCH: I imagine ‘rock chick but urban’ was the brief. The looks are quite consistent here, which makes a change. 7/10.


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