The 40 best Scandinavian songs of 2016

There have been so many great songs out this year, and most of them have come from Scandinavia. These are my forty faves from the year [spoiler: there’s a slight whiff of tropical].

🇸🇪 40. Wiktoria – ‘Save Me’

This song looked like it was going to be Sweden’s Eurovision entry for a lil bit (well just in her semi really) but alas she was beaten by a white man with a Shawn Mendes song.

🇸🇪 39. Lisa Ajax – ‘Love Me Wicked’

I met a man in Stockholm who doesn’t like Zara Larsson or Icona Pop but really loves Lisa Ajax. ‘Love Me Wicked’ is the third best song she’s released in 2016.

🇸🇪 38. Anton – ‘Devil’

The video is a bit art school but this sounds like Eurovision ‘Into You’/’Under You’/’True Disaster’.

🇸🇪 37. Robin Bengtsson – ‘Constellation Prize’

Shit pun, great song.

🇳🇴 36. Ylva Olaisen – ‘Hear You Sing’

‘The Stream’ is the next big talent show format. Ylva Olaisen was the best thing about it (her cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Let Me Love You’ is completely excellent too).

🇳🇴 35. Röyksopp – ‘Never Ever’ (feat. Susanne Sundfør)

What a fucking chorus.

🇸🇪 34. Liam Cacatian Thomassen – ‘Playing With Fire’

I wonder if talent show contestants secretly don’t want to win so that they don’t have to release drivel like the Matt Terry single. ‘Playing With Fire’, which was the Swedish Idol winner’s single, is the opposite.

🇸🇪 33. Zara Larsson – ‘I Would Like’

A huge grower.

.🇸🇪 32. Lisa Ajax – ‘Give Me That’

The second best Lisa Ajax single of the year. Lots of pop has sounded the same this year but this sounds like nothing I’ve heard all year.

🇸🇪 31. Sofia Karlberg – ‘A Bible Of Mermaid Pictures’

Can we take a second to appreciate the chorus on this track?:

“I’m breathing in nowhere slowly,

I’m riding a fictional cloud,

A pilot of starship fables,

And I am his passenger now.

I’m diving in endless oceans,

I’m chasing a tide in my mind,

A bible of mermaid pictures,

And I am it’s painter by hand.”

One part GCSE Creative Writing, two part Swedish pop genius.

🇸🇪 30. Hanna & Andrea – ‘Always On My Mind’

Imagine if Say Lou Lou released this rather than a cover of ‘Stayin’ Alive’ this year.

🇸🇪 29. Thomas Stenström – ‘Det här är inte mitt land’ (feat. Silvana Imam)

The title of this song translates to ‘This Is Not My Country’. The thing is, kinda wish Sweden was my country tbh.

🇸🇪 28. Sabina Ddumba – ‘Kingdom Come’

Sabina Ddumba sang the good bits on Katy Perry’s ‘Walking On Air’. Her album is full of good bits, and ‘Kingdom Come’ is one of the best.

🇸🇪 27. Ace Wilder – ‘Selfish’

A song about struggling to feel anything because you’re self-obsessed. Relatable.

🇫🇮 26. Nelli Metula – ‘Lemmikki’

‘Lemmikki’ is the Finnish word for ‘pet’, and this track is about treating a guy like your pet. That in itself warrants a high placing on the list, and fortunately the song bangs too.

🇸🇪 25. Yung Lean – ‘Hennessy & Sailor Moon’ (feat. Bladee)

Lots of Scandinavian pop is polished and full of confidence. This Yung Lean track is the opposite, and is all the better for it.

🇸🇪 24. Oscar Zia – ‘Human’

This Oscar Zia track was initially teased as a personal track about his coming out. It’s actually an inspirational ballad about love and peace, which should mean it’s shit but fortunately it’s dramatic and rather excellent.

🇸🇪 23. LÉON – ‘Think About You’

The chorus is completely heart-breaking.

🇸🇪 22. Tove Lo – ‘True Disaster’

This song sounds like it was genetically engineered in a lab somewhere to be the best Tove Lo song ever. It isn’t (it’s only the third best thing she released this year), but nonetheless it’s really great.

🇳🇴 21. Matoma – ‘False Alarm’ (feat. Becky Hill)

“I heard sirens in my head, from the first time that we met, thought it was a false alarm” is an exquisite lyric.


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