Ny Musik Fredag: Adrijana! Robyn! Seinabo Sey!

One of my new year’s resolutions is to write more good things this year (I kept it nice and vague so I can say I achieved it even if I just wrote a nice shopping list or something). Anyway, one thing I’ve decided to do as of this week is to keep a note of the best Scandinavian tracks released every Friday. So here’s the first:

Full disclosure: this will probably never actually go up on a Friday.

Song of the Week

Adrijana – ‘Nån som mig’


Adrijana is one of the 28 artists competing in this year’s Melodifestivalen. Unlike lots of the other competitors, Adrijana is an unknown in Sweden, and we have very little idea what her track ‘Amare’ is going to sound like. Hopefully it sounds like this. ‘Nån som mig’ (which translates to ‘Someone Like Me’) is a little bit tropical, but don’t be put off – it doesn’t have a drop (!!!!). It’s going to an uphill struggle getting through her semi (she’s got competition from Melfest returnees Ace Wilder, Dinah Nah and Boris René, as well as ‘comedy group’ De Vet Du), but something like this will give her a fighting chance.

Erik Rapp – ‘No Reason’


It feels like an eternity since Erik Rapp first chucked ‘Available’ on the internet (it originally came out in August 2015). He’s released another single since then – ‘Louder’ – as well as ‘Suburbia’ with Killian & Jo. But it’s ‘Available’ which is stuck on the end of his new EP. Also on there is new single ‘No Reason’, which is a song about ringing someone up out of the blue. It’s the best song ever about cold-calling, basically. I think I would have a chat to Erik about PPI if he did indeed cold call me. But anyway, there are some nice glitches in the production, and Erik’s vocal is better than it has ever sounded. The whole EP is worth a listen, too.

Julie Bergan – ‘Blackout’


Julie Bergan’s ‘Arigato’ was a massive hit in Norway last year, hitting number 1 and spending twenty weeks in the charts. ‘Arigato’ is quite good – it’s one part Tumblr, two parts bop. ‘Blackout’ is a weird song – I’ve listened to it a few times now and I’m still confused. The production feels like a step up from ‘Arigato’, but I’m not a fan of the vocal production in the verses. It’s strange because Julie has got a really good voice, but the vocal is buried here. Maybe it’s a grower?

Mr Tophat – ‘Trust Me’ (feat. Robyn)


Robyn continues her mission to give the gays everything they don’t want this week with the release of her collab EP with Mr Tophat. Maybe she knows that ‘Body Talk’ can’t be bettered so she’s doing rubbish on purpose. Who knows? Full disclaimer: I only listened to the radio edit of ‘Trust Me’ because honestly, who has the time to listen to a track that is longer than ten minutes.

Skander – ‘Missförstå Mig Rätt’ (feat. Seinabo Sey)


The Seinabo Sey album is a masterpiece, isn’t it? I heard ‘Hard Time’ for the first time in a museum exhibition in Stockholm, and it still sounds just as good now tbh. Anyway, she’s back this week, this time doing some singing on this Skander record. ‘Missförstå Mig Rätt’ is a downbeat R&B track, with icy vocals from both Skander and Seinabo. I have a problem with duets where there isn’t much singing done together, and here the pair only do that for the final chorus. Nonetheless, this is quite beautiful and affecting (despite the fact I don’t understand the lyrics).

Miriam Bryant – ‘Everything’


Back in 2015, it was decided that Friday was going to be the global release day. So, in the true spirit of New Music Friday, Miriam Bryant has chucked a new song online that you can only listen to if you’re in Sweden. It’s Number 1 on Swedish iTunes though, so presumably it’s quite good (this clip, however, doesn’t do anything to prove this).


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