Ny Musik Fredag: Magnus Bechmann! Ida da Silva! Lots of other good new popstars

Is the third week of January the week where labels like to launch their new artists? I’m just wondering because every artist on my list this week is ‘brand new’. A good week for pop, a bad week for SEO.

Song of the Week

Magnus Bechmann – ‘It Bothers Me’


I obviously love a basic bop, but there is nothing I love more than hearing something that sounds like nothing I’ve heard for a good while. This Magnus Bechmann track falls into the latter category and it is so good. It’s a throwback to late noughties indie pop, but the lyrics are tinged with sadness (imagine if Tumblr existed in 2007). That’s not to the detriment of hooks though – which sound like they’ve been designed for a stadium. Honestly, I could have picked any of the six tracks on his ‘Loners Get Lonely Too’ EP because everything is very good (ok maybe not ‘Intro’), but ‘It Bothers Me’ is my favourite. Fun fact: when he’s not being a popstar, he teaches in a nursery.

Isle of You – ‘Mindcrime’


Remember when Ryan Adams released that horrible Taylor Swift covers album? Well, imagine if ‘Kiss’-era Carly Rae Jepsen was allowed to remake ‘Red’. Not only would that be *literally* incredible, it would also sound a lot like ‘Mindcrime’ by Isle of You. The pair first released a twee folk-tinged single last year, but fortunately this track is a bubblegum sugar rush. The only thing is it’s not out here yet :(.

Ida Da Silva – ‘Nah Nah’


Lots of good Swedish popstars come from Swedish Idol (see Agnes, Lisa Ajax). The next former contestant to launch a solo career is Ida Da Silva, who came sixth in 2015. Although she may have only come sixth, she did get to perform Samantha Mumba’s ‘Gotta Tell You’ during the live shows so who’s the real winner here? Anyway, her first single is called ‘Nah Nah’, which is an otherwise safe 2017-sounding pop song elevated by Ida’s personality. I think there’s something better in there but is this a bop? Yes, it is a bop.

Sam Seg – ‘Lover’


Imagine if ‘one man and his guitar’ music was good? Well Sam Seg’s new single is a lil acoustic number that is actually good. He wrote, produced and recorded this track in his apartment, so literally imagine what he could do with budget. Also the typeface he uses on the cover is v nice.

Emma Jensen – ‘Closer’


The best popstar in the world who shares her name with a former ‘Big Brother’ contestant. Emma Jensen is an unsigned artist from Norway, and ‘Closer’ is the first thing she has put online (she uploaded it to Norway’s ‘BBC Introducing’ equivalent). She has such an unusual voice – like it’s actually interesting to listen to (I know ‘quirky’ is used to describe weak vocals a lot). The song itself is rather good too – the downbeat production is sparse enough that she’s not swallowed up. Again, imagine what she could do next.

(I can’t embed this one so you’ll have to go here)



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