New Music ‘Friday’: the Melodifestivalen tracks

For the next few weeks, I’m gonna be reviewing the Melfest tracks as part of New Music Friday (well Saturday as I’m still yet to actually get this out on a Friday LOL).

Boris René – ‘Her Kiss’

Boris René is back in Melodifestivalen after doing quite well last year (he only came tenth but inexplicably got more public votes than Lisa Ajax’s ‘My Heart Wants Me Dead). Boris quit football to be a popstar, which is a narrative that I could get on board with if the music was good. However, the music is just quite average. Last year’s ‘Put Your Love On Me’ had a certain charm to it, whereas ‘Her Kiss’ just feels a bit limp. I’ve listened to the clip a few times now and I still have no recollection of how it goes. Nonetheless, I can see this going to Andra Chansen just because the quality in this semi is rather low.

Adrijana – ‘Amare’

There are so many exciting comebacks in Melodifestivalen this year so you’d be forgiven for not even thinking about the singers making their debut. Adrijana is brand new to Melfest, and music generally, having only released one major label single so far. ‘Amare’ doesn’t break any new ground when it comes to Swedish rap, but it’s also accessible enough for the Eurovision audience. Having lived with the clips since Thursday, this is becoming my favourite in this semi. I can’t see this getting any further than this evening mind you, but hey, it’s still a bop.

Dinah Nah – ‘One More Night’

Dinah Nah’s last Melfest entry ‘Make Me (La La La)’ has arguably the most relentless pop drop of all time. That song is one of the best Melodifestivalen entries ever, and I’ve been patiently waiting for Dinah Nah to come and have another go at it. She’s back, this time with ‘One More Night’. While it was widely reported earlier in the week that a Blue Peter time capsule from the 90s was dug up, you may not have heard that a time capsule from 2009 was also discovered. In said capsule was this track. Which is obviously not a bad thing. It’s not going to win, but it is a huge bop that I will definitely have on repeat for the rest of the year.

De Vet Du – ‘Road Trip’

Samir & Viktor have a lot to answer for.

Charlotte Perrelli – ‘Mit Liv’

Charlotte Perrelli is back at Melfest, having won it twice (as well as winning Eurovision in 1999). She’s openly said that she’s only doing Melfest this year to promote her new album, but if you want people to buy your new album, shouldn’t you be performing something good? Not only is it a dreary acoustic ballad, but it’s devoid of any emotion and ambition. On the plus side, at least Dinah won’t come last.

Ace Wilder – ‘Wild Child’

‘Busy Doin’ Nothin” would have been the best Eurovision entry ever had it got just three more points in Melodifestivalen 2014. After coming third last year, Ace Wilder is back for a third go, this time with ‘Wild Child’. Unlike ‘Don’t Worry’, ‘Wild Child’ doesn’t feel like a complete re-tread of ‘Busy Doin’ Nothin”. Although it’s very much in Ace Wilder’s ‘lane’, this is a huge step forward for her and is arguably her best song since ‘Busy’. I am worried that Ace and Dinah are going to split the vote – their songs are both slightly tropical dance tracks – but I think Ace is going to edge it because of the better slot in the running order (as well as having a better show).

Nano – ‘Hold On’

This is one of the early favourites to win the whole thing this year. I’ve read lots of positive things about this track, with comparisons to Rag N Bone Man and Emeli Sande. This is a good song that will win this evening (I mean there’s not much competition in this semi). But don’t get it twisted: it’s three years since this sound was cool and I’m not here for it going to Kyiv.


Final: Nano, Ace Wilder

Andra Chansen: Boris René, De Vet Du

5th: Dinah Nah

6th: Adrijana

7th: Charlotte Perrelli


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